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    Dry Goods Swap at CaliKid Corals - October 8th

    We will be there at 10 so anytime after that
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    Dry Goods Swap at CaliKid Corals - October 8th

    Hawaii yellow tang will be raffle prize it won't let me upload pictures
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    Dry Goods Swap at CaliKid Corals - October 8th

    We're having tacos made for lunch from 12-1 free of course and we plan on doing a raffle let me know what kind of prizes you would like to see
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    Dry Goods Swap at CaliKid Corals - October 8th

    We're one week away looks like the weather is going to be perfect we hope everyone can stop buy
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    Dry good sale/flea market

    So looks like we're a go but for Sunday Oct 8th details to follow
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    Dry good sale/flea market

    I won't hold my breath you no where to find me here 6 days a week lol
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    Dry good sale/flea market

    We're thinking of opening up our back parking lot and letting people set up a table to sell there used dry goods (lights,pumps tanks ect) No Coral we will have a special sale in store that day. Let us know if it's something anyone would be interested in Cali Kid
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    Sunday Sale

    Open Sunday 10-3 All BAR supporting members get additional 10% off our Sunday Sale Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Frag in our $10,$20 $50 section 20% off all Fish and Coral 10% off frozen food
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    We're going to open Sundays from 10-3 Hopefully you guys can make it out also BAR Supporting Members Get 10% off all livestock we will be running Sunday specials will try to post on here and our fb page
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    Opening Sundays?????

    So were thinking of opening up on Sundays in the near future. were currently closed what do you guys think ? maybe a extra discount for BAR Supporting members on sundays
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    Gift Card SPECIAL

    We have 5 GIft cards specials left.buy $100 gift card get $200 value if you can't make it down to the shop just give us a call we can email it
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    Volunteers Needed! 05/20/23 Cali Kid Regional Frag Swap

    We hope everyone had a good time please post pictures and anyone who won raffle prizes post and let us know how everything does
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    Sale on Vortech, Nero, and Maxspect powerheads/gyres - 10% off

    New models are coming end of summer
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    Volunteers Needed! 05/20/23 Cali Kid Regional Frag Swap

    For anyone who came to the last one anything you would like to see done differently?? We plan on tri-tip lunch and a nice raffle
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    Google reviews

    Right funny thing is guy spent $50 in foods and asked prices on some of the best pieces in the shop so ya not going to be cheap. We appreciate the support from all of you guys at Bar and can't wait to see everyone next month
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    Google reviews

    Hello, Have you been in to our location? we would appreciate any google reviews if your provide one just let us know on your next stop in and pick up a Free frag
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    20% off sale

    20% off all livestock rest of the week B.A.R. members get free Frag with any coral purchase
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    Easter egg hunt

    Come on down spend $100 and pick an egg there are two eggs with free gold torch in them. Prizes range from Cali kid Swag, $50 frags,storm clownfish, acan coral pack ect... open 10-6 Today
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    New dry goods

    Hello were doing a new dry goods section and looking for input on what products you guys use/buy and would like to see in store
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    Black Friday

    How's everyone doing trying to put some feelers out for Black Friday What kind of deals would you like to see. Huge discounts on Fish and coral? Dry good deals maybe a few free Doorbuster giveaways (tanks&fish) first 10 purchase. Let us know what your looking for we want to have deals for...