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    VorTech Propeller Pump MP40mQD - MOBIUS VERSION 25 percent off you can use a sign up code for an additional 10 percent off PA-TEXT10 Only 4 left in stock They also kessil's on sale Neptune Sky and so on
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    Mixing Radions and Kessils?

    i support the shimmer
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    New 100 gallon build

    The sump sucks and lacks flow in the refugium chamber, and i need the Nero 5 so water wont stagnate. I was shopping based on esthetics and not practicality. and I'm growing microalgae.
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    Thoughts on Photography and Buying Corals online?

    world wide corals has been spot on for me
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    Petco 25 percent off coupon

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    New 100 gallon build

    Current equipment nyos 160 protein skimmer, Eshopps AF-200 alpha Fuge, and a vectra m2 pump, ai hydra x3 gold lux puck, ai nero 5 (in sump ), jebeo cross flow 180 x 2, I.M helio 200w dual heater. Current life stock (fish...
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    New 100 gallon build

    Finally got some led lights. Hydra 26 with custom l.e.d by Luxdium with an aquatic life hybrid fixture. Saving up for an ato and apex before I start dropping corals in.
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    QT: how much do you do?

    I would just go to @under_water_ninja as qt is more of a precise science and not a skill.
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    HELP!!! in RENO

    I was just watching a video on YouTube that takes place in Japan. And Redsea braces all the tanks in that market. Skip to 16 minutes and 30 seconds to hear the explanation:
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    HELP!!! in RENO

    In my opinion I think Red Sea should be listed on this forum as a defective fish tank product as I have read several post of seal leaks.
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    Opinions on Philips CoralCare gen2 lights?

    You should look into Lux pucks.
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    Power ... again

    It’s been predicted since last month. However, the media didn’t announce it.
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    Recommend a good "gyre" type pump please!

    Running 2 jebao-180 scp. No issues. Good quality. Good price
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    Facial cream and health capsules

    Just super random Sustainable aquatics the originators of the black storm clownfish are selling some facial products and capsules made of algae. I guess everyone needs a side hustle now.
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    Wednesday storm supposed to be worse

    Just bought a generator. Don’t want my fish to die.
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    hi everyone, new to BAR

    nice set up!