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  1. psidriven

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy gobble gobble day!
  2. psidriven

    jhuynh's 200gal lagoon

    thought #8 was white tail tang
  3. psidriven

    SupraSaltyReefer - ELOS 120XL & Warriors Frag tank

    what kind of media are you using? looks like 25mm siporax and what else?
  4. psidriven

    Casey's Red Sea S-1000

    looks good. how'd you like the aqua vitro skimmer? were the interesting features useful?
  5. psidriven

    Taiwan #1

    unfortunately it roamed and became a smoothie. no more powerheads and bta.
  6. psidriven

    DBTC: Oregon Tort Acropora

    slowly learning how to use barcode. thx again.
  7. psidriven

    Confirmed - Sunday, Nov 12 - Moving IM 150g tank from garage into hallway front entrance

    I can help either sat or sun. whatever day works best. what's the tank dimensions and will it fit thru the door?
  8. psidriven

    how to do radion mobius schedule midday dark period?

    i'd like to have lights on for an hour when i'm up at 7am then off til i get back from work. how do i schedule that in mobius? it seems to only allow 6 time points so you get 2 periods with sharp peaks. i'd like 8 points so there can be more of a plateau.
  9. psidriven

    Tunze Osmolator 3

    @RandyC you are a lifesaver. always wondered what that extra magnet set was for.
  10. psidriven

    I'm back!

    dude, is your coworker a toddler? basic adulting means hands off other people's stuff.
  11. psidriven

    I'm back!

    great looking tank. if youre getting rid of the Vayssierea felis, I'd like some. I'll PM you.
  12. psidriven

    Please help with Auto water change planning

    ahh, gotcha. its not exact but close enough so there won't be huge salinity swings. you'd catch and correct any issues with regular salinity checks.
  13. psidriven

    Please help with Auto water change planning

    that sounds much easier, but how do you get the export pump to match the import pump? how to make sure the amount taken out matches what's put back?
  14. psidriven

    Please help with Auto water change planning

    you can run a persitalic pump to pull water from new sw bin and shuts off when float sensor is tripped. won't need a 30ft cable, timer, solenoid or float valve. though timer might be good backup. float valves don't work with persitalic pumps though.
  15. psidriven

    MP10W quiet drive bearing size?

    you sound like my boss, 'in da bin'
  16. psidriven

    MP10W quiet drive bearing size?

    yeah, working with rusted metal isn't fun. stripped 2 of the inner screws. if you still have the broken dryside, can i try to scavenge some screws from it?
  17. psidriven

    MP10W quiet drive bearing size?

    My MP10W quiet drive has rusted noisy bearings. anyone know the size of the bearings and a good place to get them? seems they're a different size from the old mp10.
  18. psidriven

    Gravity top off options for red sea

    you can try making a custom out of acrylic. it's hidden in your cabinet so no worries about making it perfect, just need it water tight.
  19. psidriven

    Taiwan #1

    added a supernova. hope it's happy and doesn't roam. turning off poweheads when I not home or asleep, just in case.
  20. psidriven

    Jon's S500 Build (The big move)

    post a pic of your sump and we can help explain it to you. a mesh cover is cheap insurance against jumpers. mated clowns can jump to attack. check your normal room temp to see if you need a chiller.