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  1. JGO66

    Aquatic life 4-stage RODI

    Ok that sounds great!
  2. JGO66

    Aquatic life 4-stage RODI

    Hello, I would like to pick this up and put it to use. Please let me know when you are available
  3. JGO66

    Free sump

    Hello, I’d like to pick up sump if still available. Please dm with pick up information
  4. JGO66

    Instant Ocean Reef Crystal… - Gone

    Hello, I will be in the area tomorrow and would love to give this salt a try. Please send me info for pick up
  5. JGO66

    Random box of stuff

    I’ll take it!
  6. JGO66

    Simplicyti Skimmer

    I’ll take it!
  7. JGO66

    How hot did your tanks get today?

    82 Vallejo
  8. JGO66

    1" Red Bubble Tip Anemone - Trade for good vibes!

    Hello I am very interested in giving the anemone a new home. Available for pickup tonight?
  9. JGO66

    Hi new to the Bay

  10. JGO66

    Featured Guests - Free clownfish for becomimg a supporting member (Renewals too)

    So cool and generous of You @Cheedo this is what makes being a member such a great experience for a newcomer!
  11. JGO66

    Random Gear

    If available would like to pick up the innovative marine media reactor and spare feeding tube please:)
  12. JGO66

    OMG. Part 1

    Interesting that the style of fragmentation causes the different colors patterns in each cutting. Really beautiful stripes and colors!!
  13. JGO66

    free mixing 32g brutes ( pre-drilled )

    I’ll take them
  14. JGO66

    Wwc jelly bean favia (bob’s)

    Hi guys sorry for the late post, here is my first photo update. Beautiful favia, thank you @Coral reefer
  15. JGO66

    Wwc jelly bean favia (bob’s)

    Hello I will post one later today when the lights turn on. Thanks again for meeting with me this week!
  16. JGO66

    Wwc jelly bean favia (bob’s)

    Hello @Coral reefer id love to home the available frag and can pick up Monday if your available
  17. JGO66

    nuvoskim dc protein skimmer help

    Mine sits high due to the water
  18. JGO66

    nuvoskim dc protein skimmer help

    Try adjusting the rubber seal around the cup of the skimmer down the throat of it and make slight adjustments from there. Weekly maintenance would be a good form of knowing if there is build up in the Venturi. Nano stuff gets dirty fast
  19. JGO66

    ----------gone------------5 gallon fluval for free

    I’ll take it