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  1. IOnceWasLegend

    57 Watt Classic Aqua Ultraviolet After-market bulbs??

    I have not, but commenting to follow.
  2. IOnceWasLegend

    Free 100 gallon peninsula tank with custom stand/canopy

    Bought this last year to serve as a holding tank for my failed RSR250, it's served its purpose, and now trying to get it out. (Note: I am in Roseville, and this would be for pickup only). Dimensions are 48" wide x 18" deep x 24" tall. Will need a vinegar soak/scrape given coralline buildup, but...
  3. IOnceWasLegend

    Looking to switch Salt

    I've only bought the 200 gallon size; but it's one large bag. However, it does come with a reusable zip tie to seal it off, and it's worked fairly well for me.
  4. IOnceWasLegend

    What do you use to dose ALK, CA (& MG)

    Calcium reactor for my 200g display, two-part for my coral QT tank.
  5. IOnceWasLegend

    "The Lab" - Josh and Tiffany's IM Nuvo EXT 200

    My understanding is that wrasses don't like most medication, period. I'm just following the Humble Fish QT guide using Copper Power; specifically: "There's a reason they are sometimes referred to as "pain in my wrasse". :p These fish flat out don't like being in quarantine; especially a...
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    "The Lab" - Josh and Tiffany's IM Nuvo EXT 200

    Update, 11-24-23 Updated the stock list to reflect what is currently in the tank and their names. The mandarin pair have been doing great in the tank, so: so far, so good! Conchs and nassarius continue to, very slowly, make a dent in the turf algae. I've been working with Inverted Reef on...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving all! Thankful for friends, family, and finding this place in space with you all
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    Alkalinity, phosphate, and nitrate: Hanna checker (I *hate* colorimetric tests) Salinity: Milwaukee digital refractometer Calcium: Eh, whatever. Usually whatever's cheapest/available. Magnesium: don't bother unless there's issues For automation, I use a Neptune Apex A3 Jr (temp + pH + second...
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    Seconding this; stability and patience is king. Noting as well that stability is not chasing numbers, just preventing wild swings/changes and not making sudden, massive changes. As for achieving stability, ask yourself what works best for you. As an example, I'm really bad at remembering to...
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    Hey there; welcome to the club! Before jumping to conclusions, a couple things that would be helpful to know: 1. What kind of fish, coral, and/or inverts are you keeping? 2. Do you buy your water, or do you make your own RO water/mix your own salt water? 3. What are the specific issue(s)...
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    Newbie Reefer and BAR Member

    Welcome to the club, and we're glad to have you! Hang around, meet some new people, and get excited about the frag swaps and social events. :)
  12. IOnceWasLegend

    "The Lab" - Josh and Tiffany's IM Nuvo EXT 200

    Update, 11-16-23 Upgraded my XR30 G5 blue to a G6 and put it over the tank. Let there be light! Went through my first 'test' with the tank when my wife and I were out of town for almost a week. We came back and everything looks good (possibly even better, honestly). Clean-up crew is starting...
  13. IOnceWasLegend

    jhuynh's 200gal lagoon

    1. Borbonius anthias 2. Blue tang 3. Gem tang 4. Yellow tang 5. Purple tang 6. Foxface lo 7. Yellow eye kole tang 8. Achilles tang
  14. IOnceWasLegend

    Free Trident that's not working

    Have you tried cleaning the cuvette, flushing the lines, or reseating the chips on either side of the cuvette? Alternatively, if it's out of warranty, you can get a replacement from Neptune for $150-200.
  15. IOnceWasLegend

    "The Lab" - Josh and Tiffany's IM Nuvo EXT 200

    Update, 11-8-23 Well, that could have ended poorly. Our full tilt favia fell off the rock. My wife said, "I didn't like it there; can we move it here?" so I did. Two days later, I realized I hadn't seen the firefish. Then a lightbulb went on and I realized I'd glued the favia over the hole it...
  16. IOnceWasLegend

    New AI pumps

    So I know they have crossflow, and there's been a few posts I've seen hyping up that feature. Anybody able/care to explain what crossflow is and why it's better than a 'normal' gyre?
  17. IOnceWasLegend

    "The Lab" - Josh and Tiffany's IM Nuvo EXT 200

    Update 11-7-23 More stuff in the tank: specifically, a QT'd mandarin dragonet pair from @hightideaquatics and QT'd hermits/turbo snails/conchs from Inverted Reef. Hopefully they'll start attacking the turf algae, but I have to say I've never seen fighting conchs this big before. I made a joke to...
  18. IOnceWasLegend

    "The Lab" - Josh and Tiffany's IM Nuvo EXT 200

    Update 10-28-23 Next batch of coral in the tank: all the stuff I got from the frag swap, as well as the torches I got from @thephoreefer , the nice chalices from @Invictus , and a purple tip frogspawn from @thesassyindian . So far everything's adjusting well, and the tank's filling in nicely! I...
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    October Photo of the Month: MolaMola!

    Our pincushion urchin decided to dress up as Mickey mouse.
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    Mack’s reef support group

    I agree with most of your other comments; I think this one has a bit of nuance, though. My understanding/hypothesis: dinos have a competitive advantage under limiting nutrient conditions, but that advantage disappears when nutrients are sufficient and everything is more on even footing. I...