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  1. FullerReef

    Featured November photo of the month winner: Invictus!

    That feeling when you have overdosed on turkey but still need to do a water change... Happy (late) Thanksgiving!
  2. FullerReef

    PSA: Tropic Marin Pro on sale at BRS today 20% off

    BRS responded and said the box must have been damaged in shipping and put in another box by the carrier. On second look, the label does look like it's cut off of a TMP box and taped on the box. They are sending a replacement which is nice.
  3. FullerReef

    PSA: Tropic Marin Pro on sale at BRS today 20% off

    Did anyone else that jumped in on this deal just get a clear trash bag full of salt? Broken bag inside, no TMP box? I found that very odd...
  4. FullerReef

    Some of my euphilias are desintegrating

    I also have some Cipro and amoxicillin you can have, I'm not too far from SF state.
  5. FullerReef

    Some of my euphilias are desintegrating

    It looks similar to what was happening to my euphyllia a couple months ago. I tried some KFC dips on some but with no luck. I did the Cipro treatment to the whole tank, and I had one die after but it seemed to stop/slow it, but at that point I was down to 3 euphyllia, they might have just been...
  6. FullerReef

    DBTC: Pandora Zoas

    I just added Pandora Zoas to DBTC. There are 3 frag(s) available right now. This thread was automatically created by BARcode
  7. FullerReef

    FullerReef's IM50

    Seems fine, I got it used from the person I got the tank from. No complaints so far. Here we're my par readings running at 20%
  8. FullerReef

    Salty_Taste650: Innovative Marine 14Gal Peninsula

    I run the IM 50 AIO. I love the tank and wouldn't pick any other size (because I can't really go bigger). The footprint is the perfect mix of peninsula tank and standard shape, deep enough to be viewed and scaped for 3 sided viewing, but not obtrusively sticking away from the wall. And best of...
  9. FullerReef

    DBTC- Nirvana zoas

    Hey @JVU I got a frag of these at last year's frag swap. I have some frags to distribute if you add my first frag.
  10. FullerReef

    Giveaway time!!!! Hanna HI98319

    Hey, I will be at the fragging workshop, if that is a good time to pick up the checker, let me know! Thanks again!
  11. FullerReef

    Giveaway time!!!! Hanna HI98319

    Awesome! I never win these types of things!
  12. FullerReef

    Reef Angel

    I'll pass. I work with enough ancient automation at work. Thanks though!
  13. FullerReef

    FullerReef's IM50

    Sounds like a cool project. I'll try to answer as much as I can to help out. I have filter pads that I cut to the size of the IM caddy, I keep one on each side and try to change those one a week. No skimmer. I have pretty good flow in the back, I have the return pump that comes with the tank...
  14. FullerReef

    Looking for Trochus snails - which Reefer/LFS might have some?

    I have a bunch in my tank still. You're welcome to some if you want to come by, I'm in SF.
  15. FullerReef

    Andrew's Red Sea Reefer 250

    Yep, works great when I'm out of town, I don't keep it up full time. I think it was the cheapest one on Amazon at the time I bought it, no complaints so far.
  16. FullerReef

    Holiday Potluck, Rich Ross talk, mini frag swap, 12/3

    Sure that would be great, I won't be able to make it to the dinne though.