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  1. Some Rando

    What do you use to dose ALK, CA (& MG)

    I dose 2 part that I make myself using “Randy’s Recipe.” It’s super easy and cheap.
  2. Some Rando

    Brian's IM EXT 50 Gallon Lagoon Aquarium Complete Reef

    It’s gonna be sweet! I can’t make any specific recommendations as far as equipment goes. But one thing I wish I would’ve got is a DC powered skimmer with an external control for the pump. It just provides more adjustability. I also see it looks like you’re not going to be running a...
  3. Some Rando

    Patio's IM 75 EXT

    I have some coral that looks similar to that from Battle Corals called Aquatic Man.
  4. Some Rando

    Morgan's Fiji Cube 57 Mixed Reef

    Yes it is. My old house has several. This one doesn’t get used and the tank fits in front of it perfectly. I can also go behind it and open the door and get access to the back of the tank. Whoever built my house really liked doors. The blocked pocket door goes into my very small entrance...
  5. Some Rando

    Morgan's Fiji Cube 57 Mixed Reef

    Yes, and the colors have never been better too. Still tons of room to turn them up more too.
  6. Some Rando

    Morgan's Fiji Cube 57 Mixed Reef

    Here’s a couple of top downs of my tank. Had some ups and downs with the tank since my last update, but overall it’s going good.
  7. Some Rando

    Cheap AB+ Refrigerator Idea

    I’ll try to get around to a pic. One piece of info I forgot to mention is it’s hooked up to a doser to get the AB+ from the mini fridge to the tank.
  8. Some Rando

    Cheap AB+ Refrigerator Idea

    Following up with my original post to say I’ve been using this now for almost 3 months and it’s been working great. I did switch out the 1L bottle with the .5L bottle because it was a tight fit and the hose was getting crimped.
  9. Some Rando

    What's your ATO setup look like?

    I too have an ATO for my ATO. I have an RO unit hooked up to an Aquatic Life Bucket Buddie. The Bucket Buddie automatically fills my fresh water reservoir so I don’t have to. As another failsafe, I also have a float valve hooked up to the Bucket Buddie that will kick in if the water in the...
  10. Some Rando

    Cheap AB+ Refrigerator Idea

    Pictured is my Krups Hopsy Sub mini keg beer dispenser. This thing takes proprietary mini beer kegs that it would keep refrigerated and dispense. I liked it, but the company went bust and the beer for it is no longer available. I thought this thing could be good to use to keep some RedSea...
  11. Some Rando

    I messed up on SPS placement and need guidance

    HAHA! I’ll go tell my wife. I’m sure she’ll go for it.
  12. Some Rando

    I messed up on SPS placement and need guidance

    Thank you for always being so positive! My display is 57G. Dimensions are approximately 36”w x 24”d x 16”h
  13. Some Rando

    I messed up on SPS placement and need guidance

    Hi everyone. As the post title says, my SPS placement wasn’t that great. This is my first reef tank and mistakes were made. I put a lot of stuff too close together, and now things are growing together and/or getting ready to touch. What should I do? A lot of the coral is encrusted on the...
  14. Some Rando

    Lanthanum Chloride Success (so far)

    Do you have any tangs? I’ve wanted to try this stuff before, but I see a quite a few anecdotal reports of people losing tangs after putting this stuff in their tanks.
  15. Some Rando

    QT: how much do you do?

    Just for the sake of curiosity…..what’s the price for yellow eyed Kole tang? I have one already and it’s one of my favorite fish. I bought mine for $150 (sucker price) right after the Hawaii ban happened.
  16. Some Rando

    QT: how much do you do?

    For fish, @under_water_ninja is my QT. Coral goes into the display after a dip.
  17. Some Rando

    Reef security cameras! Who uses them?

    I bought a camera while I was on my last vacation. It was very nice to be able to see and hear my tank while I was away. The camera provided some peace of mind that everything was working as it should. I use Google Assistant with a smart power strip to run my tank. The audio was nice from the...
  18. Some Rando

    Livestock for a 32.5 Fluval flex

    If you want a new system, Aquatic Collection puts Aquatop Recife tanks on sale during almost every holiday sale for really cheap. They come in 24 and 40 gallons. I have one of the 24s and it’s a nice little tank. I think the 24 goes on sale for $325. They come with tank, stand, light...
  19. Some Rando

    To forgo the protein skimmer

    Thanks for for the info on Seatak! This sounds awesome.