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  1. PeetaJai

    Live phyto

    I was growing pytho, it seem pretty easy. They grow very fast and couldn't give them out fast enough to the club members. My wife doesn’t like all those bottles of green liquid sitting in our fridge so I stopped. I tried culturing Pods but failed to grow them.
  2. PeetaJai

    Casey's Red Sea S-1000

    Looks super nice, can’t wait to see finished product.
  3. PeetaJai

    Eric's IM 40L aio

    Sick! I dig it. Very clean!
  4. PeetaJai

    Eric's IM 40L aio

    Never seem that trident before.
  5. PeetaJai

    SupraSaltyReefer - ELOS 120XL and then some

    Do you use Yoga mat for under then stand?
  6. PeetaJai

    SupraSaltyReefer - ELOS 120XL and then some

    Will then Anti-fatigue foam mats be good for leveling the tank? That seem like. A great idea.
  7. PeetaJai

    Power ... again

    Hey Marvin, I am at SF Costco and I see this. Call ur local Costco to see if they have this item number. Best luck to everyone. Power outage sucks for this hobby. Sorry for everyone that have to go thru it.
  8. PeetaJai

    Power surge?

    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. I think I’ll get a good surge protector for now. Haven’t decided what to go with for the backup battery.
  9. PeetaJai

    Power surge?

    Hi all I recently had few random mini power outage in San Francisco, my reef tank would lose power and surge back on after 10 sec. One time actually fried my heater and Inkbird. What does everyone use to protect their expansive equipments. I just switched my outlet to GFCI. Should I also use...
  10. PeetaJai

    Kinetic ELOS 120XL

    Dam that really suck especially how much it cost for you. I am sorry that happened to you. Last resort, can you charge back on credit card?
  11. PeetaJai

    Monterey Bay Aquarium Behind-the-scenes Tour: Fri, May 20 11:30am-1:00pm (RSVP by 5/13)

    I would love to do a tour for steinhart aquarium as well if possible. Last time the Monterey tour was amazing!
  12. PeetaJai

    $10 coupon

    Hi I have this and totally forgot about this, if used please reply as used. Enjoy
  13. PeetaJai

    120x36x36 build

    Super sad news indeed. @Tim Obert such a nice guy and contribute so much to the club. I like to thank you again for letting us use your beautiful restaurant for coral swaps! Wish everything works out for you in the future!
  14. PeetaJai

    Zoa dangers.

    Very sorry to hear that, putting down a dog is the hardest decision an owner have to make.
  15. PeetaJai

    Kinetic ELOS 120XL

    honestly that’s one expansive tank with so many flaws. That suck man, sorry about what you have to go through.
  16. PeetaJai

    What do you use for coral dip?

  17. PeetaJai

    Feeding cycled substrate in storage?

    Thank you, I also have extra Dr Tims left from cycling the tank. so keep fueling the bin with dr tims then?
  18. PeetaJai

    Feeding cycled substrate in storage?

    I think if I fill up the tank it would be 2 inches deep. But at the moment it is cycled in a bin running power head and heater. I just want to get all bacteria and keep them alive to be ready so when the tank is up I can dump all the substrate in and start putting corals and fish.
  19. PeetaJai

    Feeding cycled substrate in storage?

    Yep, I am already running those.