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  1. Schmitty

    DBTC: Neon Candy Cane

    I got some of this if anyone is interested
  2. Schmitty

    Twisted Purple Frogspawn

  3. Schmitty

    Ashburn’s 50g frag tank

    Get well soon! Love what you got going
  4. Schmitty

    DBTC: BoP Phodactis Bounce Mushroom

    I’d love to hop in line for one of these
  5. Schmitty

    DBTC: GMK - Grand Master Krakatoa Zoa

    Anyone got a lil krak? Mine got mowed down by my urchin…
  6. Schmitty


    Lost my OG bounce and looking to get another one or some other type of bounce-anyone have some frags?
  7. Schmitty

    Ryan’s 40G first reef

    UV filter seemed to really have helped me
  8. Schmitty

    Here the link to the you tube page for your viewing pleasures!

    We gotta do a giveaway for the first person to screen grab @Hamada and @The_Lazy_Reefer
  9. Schmitty

    It’s official!! I am now a certified quarantine vendor on humblefish!!

    DUDE, Congrats!!! Ive seen how much heart and soul you've put into this thing and learned tons on the way and keep striving for a better way. BIG INSPO! Keep it going son!!!!
  10. Schmitty

    Cocktails and Coral Talk at High Tide Aquatics (HTA) Sunday 12/4 featuring Matt Wandell

    Very cool talk Matthew, and as always ThNks for the warm hospitality Kenny. Can’t wait for the next one - I got to collect a photo with Terrence (sorry about the comment-didn’t know you’re no longer with Neptune)
  11. Schmitty

    Schmitty's 40g Nuvo Reef

    I im on it-thanks! Was wondering what that was
  12. Schmitty

    Schmitty's 40g Nuvo Reef

    Utter chaos Frogspawn
  13. Schmitty

    Schmitty's 40g Nuvo Reef

  14. Schmitty

    Schmitty's 40g Nuvo Reef

  15. Schmitty

    Schmitty's 40g Nuvo Reef

    Got a bunch of new corals in the tank, mostly thanks to Kes and Kenny at Hightide... Photos coming soon, but here's the list: 24K Torch AOI zoas Utter chaos zoas OG Bounnce Blue Hammer Green blue tipped Frogspawn Echinata Orange Rainbow Monti Cherry Blossom Cyphastrea Neon Green cloves Holy...
  16. Schmitty

    1st visit to High Tide

    Don’t sleep on the taco truck in the parking lot. Kenny’s killing it!
  17. Schmitty


    Will pay, will drive will do what it takes, been looking for red hornets for a while now. Anyone got any or know someone that does. Let me know! Thanks!!!