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  1. tankguy

    PE Mysis - Not their favorite food? - What does everyone feed? (Updated)

    my fish grab whatever I throw in there
  2. tankguy

    How did you find out about @ BAR?

    From a former vice president
  3. tankguy

    Featured FREE '24 BC Adam Bomb SPS Growout Contest

    Thats a sweet acro. Interested in watching this
  4. tankguy

    Don't be this guy

    Best part of having my tank in the garage
  5. tankguy

    My 300gal.

    pretty sweet
  6. tankguy

    January '24 POTM Contest

    Good pics. I picked my top 3
  7. tankguy

    Suggestion for mature / maturing tank

    sit back and enjoy your tank
  8. tankguy

    Galoot's 220...rebirth 2024

    Sorry to hear about all the set backs but glad to see you still have up and running. Wishing you the best of luck
  9. tankguy

    Managing electricity costs

    solar worked for me
  10. tankguy

    TGC Starfire Acro from Reef Nation

    Lost this one a long long time ago
  11. tankguy

    Free Blasto

    Yeah he came by friday
  12. tankguy

    2024 Photo of the Month Contests - Chime In

    I like the new format. Good ideas
  13. tankguy

    Free Dreamsicle Chalice

    Pending Newjack
  14. tankguy

    Free Blasto

    Pending for Arnold
  15. tankguy

    Free Blasto

    Can’t I work nights and going to bed now
  16. tankguy

    Free Dreamsicle Chalice

    Located in Hayward
  17. tankguy

    Free Blasto

    Located in Hayward
  18. tankguy

    Fish Ecmo for transport to Vegas!

    Have fun in Vegas. I lived in Henderson for 9 years. I miss it
  19. tankguy

    New you tube

    nice job Kenny