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  1. nlopedota

    Free to supporting member

    We have a Healthy 7” Spotted Sea Bass and a 7” Coral Grouper that was surrendered by a customer. Eats pellets and fresh frozen. Pick up at Under The Sea Aquatics. I will post better photos when I return to the store.
  2. nlopedota

    ISO 200g reef tank

    Trying to convince him to get a new CDA pricing is good and with a stand comes with a 5y warranty
  3. nlopedota

    ISO 200g reef tank

    We have a client ISO 200g glass reef tank. Please DM me if you can help. Thanks Nick
  4. nlopedota

    ISO mandarin

    We have 2 green spot mandarins in house, we have had them both for about a month both eat misis 1 eats TDO pellets. We can also order captive bred from Biota and ORA as well. Cheers, Nick
  5. nlopedota

    Thoughts on Sumps, Bashsea?

    I have Bashsea components under my tank. The first sump I ordered had a hairline crack and leaked, had it swapped out with no problems. I do believe the sump could be better built for the price. I chose this sump because the dimensions were perfect for my application. The protein skimmer is a...
  6. nlopedota

    XXXL 400G for sale

    Not sure how old the tank is it came with the store when we purchased it. Other than the scratches that are on the inside of the tank it’s in great shape. Not sure how difficult buffing them out would be but if I was setting it up I would definitely find the time to do so. The stand is solid...
  7. nlopedota

    XXXL 400G for sale

    Hello fellow Reefers, I’m trying to gage interest in this 420G plexiglass tank stand and sump. 96 inches Long, 28 inches Deep, 36 inches Tall, 3/4 inch thick, top to bottom 68 inches DM me if this is something you may be interested in. I’m honestly not sure the value. Thank you...
  8. nlopedota

    Mixing Anemones?

    I have had adverse reactions to having RBTA and Colorado Sunburst together. I separated them to separate tanks and they are great now. I was told it had to do with the bacteria they each produced. Look forward to more responses to this thread
  9. nlopedota

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween

    Help A fellow Reefer out and vote for 707Nick.
  10. nlopedota

    Wet skimmate water change video by Kenny at HTA

    Kenny & JVU Great video, thank you for sharing! Looks like a great way to keep the cost of reefing down. I wonder what the nitrate and phosphate levels are in the skimmer w/c method water vs the 10-20% w/c method? I wish I could quote the person who told me this, but I was told that all good...
  11. nlopedota

    What did you get from CFM?

    2 variations of Cristata Torch 2 octospawn variations 1 unknown I think it may be a framers hammer excited to find out. 2 regular hammers Melissa scored the large Rachet chalice in the middle of the second picture. She has the best taste. Tested out a few rock Nems last one sold today. We had...
  12. nlopedota

    LF: one small piece of pipe for Red Sea 250.

    We have a bunch of old used/ cleaned Red Sea pipe set aside. I more than happy to give you a piece if you can make it up to the store
  13. nlopedota

    Need help with tank emergency

    I’m so very sorry to hear about your pets. As a rule of thumb I try not to do any adjustments to my system right before a vacation. If you would like help when you’re ready replacing your livestock DM me and we can work something out. Once again very sorry.
  14. nlopedota

    Captive Bred Royal Gramma

    We have had this guy for an about a week. He’s active and eats but he is wild.
  15. nlopedota

    If you are in the north bay, it a cool shop to visit!

    Thank you for stopping in, I’m glad you found something that you were looking for. I also want to thank you for sharing your experience with the group. Sincerely, Nick and the UTSA team
  16. nlopedota

    Banggai Cardinalfish endangered species Ban

    UNDER THE SEA AQUATICS Take action now- Submit your comments in opposition of the proposed 4(d) rule banning the import or export of Banggai Cardinalfish today...
  17. nlopedota

    Banggai Cardinalfish endangered species Ban

    What are everyone’s thoughts on the Endangered and Threatened Species: Proposed Protective Regulations for the Threatened Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni)