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  1. Alexander1312

    New Tank Intro & Looking for Frags near Newark, Ca.

    Welcome Justin. Started with the exact same tank, still have it, and upgraded pretty much everything. Nanos are not easy to manage, happy to help if I can.
  2. Alexander1312

    DeFarts' IM 50gal Lagoon Journey

    This is interesting. I believe the reason I care mainly/only about PH (and temp) on a daily basis is because I decided to go with the most basic APEX set up (not an APEX fan). If you have more data points, such as Alk levels etc, you leverage all of this to come to a conclusion if there is a...
  3. Alexander1312

    What does your mixing station look like?

    These containers are made of food-grade plastic, Andy?
  4. Alexander1312

    What does your mixing station look like?

    Interesting. How do you manage evaporation with these that contain saltwater?
  5. Alexander1312

    DeFarts' IM 50gal Lagoon Journey

    Derek, I have seen you posting these concerns and I believe you have been using the Milwaukee probes, correct (the ones on the picture?)? I have been checking mine more frequently, I am using one in each the nano and the main display, recalibrating them with the Milwaukee calibration fluid, but...
  6. Alexander1312

    Come to CFM your club has a FREE GIFT for you.

    Very helpful advice. I did not really consider a larger distance between them. And I might have to reconsider some rearrangement in my display tank. I knew they would grow but I thought this would take a while and left the distance between them probably too close to each other (as per the...
  7. Alexander1312

    Come to CFM your club has a FREE GIFT for you.

    In fact, I was just about to do this :). The Cali Cali was pale white for the first week and keeps getting greener and greener every day (is this the intended color?). I was not sure if it would make it and it is not in my main display but in a nano tank. Also, I have no experience with acros...
  8. Alexander1312

    Fauna Marin Pro salt experience?

    Claude (Schumacher) said/admitted in one of the interviews he gave (I do not recall if it was in German or English) that his salt and Tropic Marin are more or less equal (equally good). If anything, this guy is really knowledgable/40 years in the hobby and as long as he is heading this company...
  9. Alexander1312

    Derek's 225g - Stressing over Anemones

    These often seem to bring trouble. I gave away the only hammer I owned during the last special frag swap (which was healthy though), gonies do it for me for now (and my son for some odd reason does not like torches). Do you think this is a phosphate issue? You love to feed a lot :). Would be a...
  10. Alexander1312

    Sicce SDC pump experience?

    I am super sensitive when it comes to noise. I have this pump (and a spare backup in case it fails) and I do not believe it makes any noise.
  11. Alexander1312

    2nd Nero 3 died within 3 years- how long yours last?

    Good to know. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Alexander1312

    UPS for short duration (5-10 min)

    Good to know. It will only arrive this Friday. Not sure why this Amazon delivery took so long tbh. Telegraham has been posting several posts about his positive experience with it. I have been using a more expensive Schneider UPS with an...
  13. Alexander1312

    PE Mysis - Not their favorite food? - What does everyone feed? (Updated)

    And this is what I will try now too. It seems as if this is a best practice, although a bit inconvenient to do for the first time. Do you use gelatine as well? Any recipe that I could follow :)? I am planning to add the following - does this look acceptable? Mussells Small neck clams Fish eggs...
  14. Alexander1312

    Whelk control of vermetids

    Had over ten or so bumblebees in the nano tank but they seemed to be vastly ineffective. However, I did read somewhere that they would only suck out the tube but do not break down the tubes, and when I recently cleaned up the rocks I noticed that the tube colors were different, so maybe several...
  15. Alexander1312

    Whelk control of vermetids

    I have these snails in my sump from live rock. But would be great if they ate them. My Nano has vermited, the other tank not yet. Will wait for your updates.
  16. Alexander1312

    Corner cutout on IM tank for Avast Plank?

    Cannot help but holding off buying a new lid until I decide that the plank is a good purchase. Curious if you have used it already and felt this is a good feeder? @L/B Block - you have one, but not too happy about it, I believe? Oh, just remember you @SepToob love yours though?
  17. Alexander1312

    PE Mysis - Not their favorite food? - What does everyone feed? (Updated)

    Interesting discussion. What is everyone feeding then? If not mysis or brine?
  18. Alexander1312

    PE Mysis - Not their favorite food? - What does everyone feed? (Updated)

    And I only realized this today that this was freshwater….
  19. Alexander1312

    PE Mysis - Not their favorite food? - What does everyone feed? (Updated)

    We have been feeding various rods food, spirulina brime, PE Mysis, TDOs in various sizes, and seaweed. From all the food, it looks like none of the fish except the clowns eat this really. Is this normal? We do add stuff to frozen food such as garlic, vitamins and/or selcon every time. I would...