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  1. iani

    Tank reseal recommmendation

    There was a place in san jose that resealed a tank of mine a long long time ago. I think it was called world marine?
  2. iani

    Need temporary home for coral

    The thing with this is, would you trust yourself over someone else? No one with a mature tank is going to have enough room to hold all that you have. It will be a crap shoot either way.
  3. iani

    Featured FREE 24' LPS Growout Contest - Dragon Soul Favia

    FYI, this type of favia is not typically a very fast grower. In fact its typically a very slow grower. This may not be the best coral for a grow out contest.
  4. iani

    January '24 POTM Contest

    Heh, I assume all of them will bounce over time. But this is the only one I have that looks like this at the moment.
  5. iani

    Managing electricity costs

    I have solar on both my house and my office. But I am looking to add a couple powerwalls to my office.
  6. iani

    Managing electricity costs

    who are you using to do this?
  7. iani

    Tank flow question

    Also frags need less flow than colonies do.
  8. iani

    Ranco Heating (and Cooling) Controller

    This place will also waterproof the sensor for you just in case. https://www.etcsupply.com/etc-prewired Prices have gone up since I purchased though. I use rancos to even control vent vans in a couple media closets.
  9. iani

    Do you miss any corals?

    Eddie's purple monster.
  10. iani

    Recommendation for a reasonably priced electrician? East Bay / Walnut Creek

    You also may want to consider a dedicated circuit for that size of an aquarium.
  11. iani

    Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650

    The fungia sings the chalices. But not badly. Yeah, pretty soon I won't be able to see sand.
  12. iani

    Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650

  13. iani

    300G Storage Tank?

    Tanks with square corners vs round need to be much thicker and stronger. So cost may be a lot higher if they even make them at that size.
  14. iani

    Sharing tanks pictures.

    Yeah, what sucked more was I was willing to buy a second one, but the seller couldn't frag anymore.
  15. iani

    Sharing tanks pictures.

    I managed to get one but it rtn'd on me a day later.
  16. iani

    Sharing tanks pictures.

    You should keep your smaller leemar. Just automate it as much as you can.
  17. iani

    Sharing tanks pictures.

    I know Norm still has a tank. Gresham is here as well. I'm sure lots of people would hook Ed up with coral if he ever returns. Anyone know if Lap still has his 300 gallon?
  18. iani

    Sharing tanks pictures.

    Yo Ed! Sad to see this.
  19. iani

    Mixing Radions and Kessils?

    What is he running? Do you know how far off the tank? I've been thinking if I redo my lighting I'd want to do this.
  20. iani

    Looking for Advanced fragging advice for Acan Lords

    Not sacrificed, but if you cut it down the middle with a bandsaw, the middle one is likely to survive. You will just end up with 2 half size ones.