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  1. HankDean V

    Tank reseal recommmendation

    Slap down more glass all along the inside edges, use to much silicone and maybe a touch of Pond foam and call it a day! Good to go! Big tank floods are just big tank fun waiting to happen!
  2. HankDean V

    Free Freshwater Fish

    Try the fish barn out in Orinda
  3. HankDean V

    Cocktails and Coral Talk featuring Matt Wandell and Richard Ross at High Tide Aquatics Feb. 4th at 5pm

    Who would win in a fistfight, Jacques Custeau or Steve Zissou?
  4. HankDean V

    A different kind of “tang police”

    Sorry your dealing with this buddy And to half to deal with this doom of a tank and client on the regular , It always gets to me when clients don’t realize the potential of fish, coral, plants, tanks, gardens ,, heck wherever they got, When you add fish and critters, it get to the cruel...
  5. HankDean V

    105, 3years on a road of bones

    Fully agree, obviously I wish they got to do more but glad for some kind of wrap up and conclusion.
  6. HankDean V

    105, 3years on a road of bones

    So the other day at High Tide a member asked about my handle, HankDeanV This may clarify, maybe - “if you have death prone children, you keep a few clones in your lab” Dr.Venture
  7. HankDean V

    Coral Rescue for Dan-Sf: come get frags!

    I am hoping to be available, sounds fun.
  8. HankDean V

    ISO mandarin

    Easy, get it from High Tide.
  9. HankDean V

    Free SPS and lots of it, nice stuff, but you need to come frag it in SF

    I’m down to help this weekend if it would be a help,
  10. HankDean V

    Boun's reef tank Journal

    Nice dude, the Goni looks great
  11. HankDean V

    "Holiday" potluck, Richard Ross talk and mini frag swap (01/07)

    I’ll be there, I should have some frags and food to bring along
  12. HankDean V

    The emergency pump replacement man

    Dude you are far superior! You’ve been saving tanks since before Lias started reefing!
  13. HankDean V

    Bean Animal issues

    My guess, if I’m understanding The air won’t purge out of your down pipes causing back pressure issues, Drill a small hole in the top of your elbows, this will let the air escape and the water flow through, Also, is your drain pipe above the sump water level?
  14. HankDean V

    ZeFrank on Coral

    Your welcome.
  15. HankDean V

    Need your help on how to protect a brand new hardwood floor!

    Water proof rubber mats can trap water and moisture underneath and between it and wood, id be careful with that one . I would raise the tank more than 1/4” for a air gap, I raised my tank enough to fit a towel and a ‘dusting’ rod , When salt water has made its way under my stand I can dry...
  16. HankDean V

    Worm made of worms,

    Absolutely, I just had to look up pictures of them out of the sand! Thanks for the help y’all! I inspected the little tank a lot and found a few more,