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  1. gmdcdvm

    Fish Trap Replacement rubber bands?

    I have a Bubble Magus Collapsible Fish trap. Over the years some of the white rubber bands that hold it together have snapped. I am wondering if any of you know where I can order more of these? These are not typical rubber bands you find in the store. I can always rigs something else, but these...
  2. gmdcdvm

    Gerry’s Waterbox 180.5

    No cleaner shrimp. No idea about vermitid snails. Some additional picks.
  3. gmdcdvm

    Gerry’s Waterbox 180.5

    He is awesome so far! Since day one he minds his own business. I don't have any small snail or crabs, and he leaves all the larger ones alone. He swims out and competes for food, but does not show any aggression towards any tankmates. When it is not feeding time he just casually swims around...
  4. gmdcdvm

    180 CDA build

    Agreed...just ask Yoda...
  5. gmdcdvm

    Unreleased Hydros Maven

    That looks really cool...better start saving now.
  6. gmdcdvm

    Gerry’s Waterbox 180.5

    The best news so far is that the spotted puffer has been an ideal citizen. He just cruises along looking for food. He is one of the first fish to come up to the feed ring when he sees us approach. He does not bother any other fish and seems to leave the corals alone. Just picks at the rocks here...
  7. gmdcdvm

    Gerry’s Waterbox 180.5

    Ok, Time for another journal update since it has been a few months. I was gun shy. Overall the tank has been settling in and doing well, but I did not want to jinx it. Just got back from vacation. I previously had a hair algae problem that I was manually removing. This seems to be in control...
  8. gmdcdvm

    Unreleased Hydros Maven

    Following along. Anyone used or have any experience with the reefbot lab? Heard any feedback? G
  9. gmdcdvm

    Considering moorish idol - requesting input

    I have heard very few success stories. I’m actually following a thread on humble fish about idols. Some people thought larger specimens do better than smaller ones. There were some concerns about aggression and stress causing them to not feed. There were comments about tangs being aggressive...
  10. gmdcdvm

    Algae blenny that only eats algae

    Damn, I have one already or else I would be all over this. Don't think I can have two in one tank without any aggression. I have been battling hair algae for a while. Mine used to gobble it down, but ever since he found out how delicious the other food is he does not eat that much anymore. Gerry
  11. gmdcdvm

    Tropic Marin Pro Lawsuit? Salinity Claims related

    Probably see an add on late night TV add asking if you have been a victim of low salinity. Haha.
  12. gmdcdvm

    Fish Flash Sale all Fish 50% Off

    Damn, bad timing. I have a few fish finishing up QT, but won't be ready for new additions for at least another two weeks. Oh well, next time.
  13. gmdcdvm

    New to BAR

    Welcome! I echo what others have said.
  14. gmdcdvm

    Managing electricity costs

    Well, Just had my first power outage in years (we are on the PD adn FD grid, so no rolling black outs). Power was out for about 7-8 hours (5p-1a). We originally purchased a system with a battery for these types of situations and it worked flawlessly. Never lost power. The fish tanks did great...
  15. gmdcdvm

    Clean up crew lifespans?

    Any ideas on the lifespan of sea urchins?
  16. gmdcdvm

    Fiji Corals update on Reef Therapy podcast

    You should listen to this episode. It was very informative.
  17. gmdcdvm

    Fiji Corals update on Reef Therapy podcast

    Any time something changes in the hobby there seem to be a lot of rumors and misinformation about why. I have not heard anything specifically about this in particular, but I tend not to follow things that closely. If you look at the Hawaii export ban there were lots of stories, misinformation...
  18. gmdcdvm

    Clean up crew lifespans?

    I have some turbo that size and age along with one conch that is over three years old now.
  19. gmdcdvm

    Fiji Corals update on Reef Therapy podcast

    Well, Hopefully this is not against the rules. I was listening to the Reef Therapy podcast, and they had on Walt Smith. He gave a very detailed discussion about why Fiji corals were banned and why it took so long for them to open back up again. This is the Feb 7th episode. If you are interested...
  20. gmdcdvm

    3/3 Frag swap at Cali Kid Coral

    Had a blast today. Just wanted to say thank you to Cos and all the BAR members for setting this up!