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  1. Darkxerox

    Derek's 225g - Stressing over Anemones

    That acrylic clarity ;)
  2. Darkxerox

    "The Lab" - Josh and Tiffany's IM Nuvo EXT 200

    Yeah mine are getting 350+ too, seemed to take it better than my acropora frags coming from halide tanks. But def in favor of your acclimation plan!
  3. Darkxerox

    (Freshwater) 2 Upside-down catfish

  4. Darkxerox

    "The Lab" - Josh and Tiffany's IM Nuvo EXT 200

    Kinda agree with Eric maybe the PAR levels are a little low for more light heavy SPS? I think @jhuynh had like 10 Radions over his same sized tank lol.
  5. Darkxerox

    Danh’s IM25 Lagoon

    Can you post them here too for people without Facebook? :)
  6. Darkxerox

    Reef 3D printing request thread

    The old guidance on lava rock is that it could potentially leach heavy metals in a tank. Granted this was in the pre ICP testing days, so no idea if that's been proven to be fact lately. Did a quick search and some people said they got iron, vanadium, and nickel from lava sand, but it probably...
  7. Darkxerox

    Reef 3D printing request thread

    They always seemed dumb to me when you can just have porous live rock rubble in your sump, and get the benefit of having more surface area for bacteria.
  8. Darkxerox

    Par meter results for my 56g

    Torches can be touchy even in the best of conditions. But they do best without direct laminar flow and more turbulent indirect flow (if you watch videos of them in the wild, they don't look like a Rapunzel in a hurricane, more like bad CGI Aquaman hair). You can increase your white lighting...
  9. Darkxerox

    Kenaneu's Lost Reef In The Woods

    Love the tank and great tank journal so far! Sorry you lost your tank in the fire, but clearly reefing skills don't also whither away. There's definitely a few other 831 reefers here, hopefully you meet them. Honestly I use my tank journal to track growth and changes, even posting a couple...
  10. Darkxerox

    Popper's IM200ext

    Your display tank is going to have ich tomonts still for a good two months plus assuming you removed all fish:
  11. Darkxerox

    Upstairs Tank

    Robert had an IM50 EXT in stock last time I was at Neptune
  12. Darkxerox

    Unreleased Hydros Maven

    Who knows if this price is true, because it's pretty impressive if real:
  13. Darkxerox

    Help to move Elos 120 from SF-FS

    My left shoulder is still healing so can't really help unfortunately
  14. Darkxerox

    IM SR60 - back after a long hiatus

    Love the old school mechanical timers and ranco controller!
  15. Darkxerox

    Popper's IM200ext

    Ah dang! I got a piece from ReefBum since we didn't think anyone had it locally. Good to know it's still alive.
  16. Darkxerox

    The Long Awaited Elos 120 (3/17/14 - 4/14/24)

    Can't wait to see what @Ayman does with it
  17. Darkxerox

    Reef 3D printing request thread

  18. Darkxerox

    Alex’s IM 150 EXT

    Looks like a buffet for copepods!
  19. Darkxerox

    DBTC: Forest Fire Digitata

    I gave a frag to @Devon today. This post was automatically created by BARcode
  20. Darkxerox

    DBTC: Forest Fire Digitata

    I made a journal update. This post was automatically created by BARcode