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  1. derek_SR

    Moving tank?

    I’ve done this exact same thing with the exact same tank. Get a big brute, empty everyone into it, move the tank, put everything back into the tank. No reason you can’t just reuse the sand. Whether you leave it in the tank or take it out?
  2. derek_SR

    LPS questions

    Yeah, it's fun but definitely a huge challenge. My recent attempt w/ flow: https://www.bareefers.org/forum/threads/dereks-225g-magnifica-sps-reef.34370/post-508870
  3. derek_SR

    LPS questions

    I think I underestimated the challenge of keeping everything successfully in a mixed reef. It does seem incredibly difficult to keep all types of corals growing/thriving at the same rate in the same tank.
  4. derek_SR

    Derek's 225g - Magnifica / SPS Reef

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye out for that. I plan to watch the pumps pretty closely, and will turn them off completely when out of town. I am using an effective water change calculator, and why I said that it's slightly less water efficient doing it daily vs every 3 weeks. But I am...
  5. derek_SR

    Derek's 225g - Magnifica / SPS Reef

    Officially started auto water changes yesterday with my new versa bar: I continue to be a big fan boy of these pumps. They are incredibly precise, even pushing/pulling water to and from the tanks/drains in the garage, which are about 30 feet of RODI tubing away. I plan to use the last 2 spots...
  6. derek_SR

    Article series: the how, why, and whether-I-should of quarantine

    I tend to think Paul is mostly correct - nutrition and environment are incredibly important, and QT can be very hard on fish. I also think most people can't possibly replicate the biome/microfauna of a 50 year old tank, or put the amount of effort he does into fish nutrition. So QT still just...
  7. derek_SR

    LPS questions

    Sounds like my tank. I have a lot of happy growing SPS but struggle with softies and LPS. I notice that when I move things to the sump, they usually perk up and do better. Exact same water and exact same light (Reefi Uno over my sump) but dramatically less flow. It's confusing to me because I...
  8. derek_SR

    Kessil World Premier at the 6/1 Frag Swap. Don't miss your chance!

    It's about raising money but it's ALSO about incentivizing attendance to the event itself. The more people attend, the more corals there are to choose from, the more coral people take home, the value of our membership increases, we get more members, and more people are more likely to attend a...
  9. derek_SR

    Neptune Trident NP and new DOS!

    I was about to call you a Neptune shill but I read further and totally agree with everything you said after the first couple sentences!
  10. derek_SR

    ****PENDING PICKUP**** PIF: IM SR-120 chipped and scratched.

    I pushed my old red sea 525 (the leaky one, not the one I gave to Kenny) off the back of my truck into the dump pit. Chef's kiss
  11. derek_SR

    Article series: the how, why, and whether-I-should of quarantine

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up, lots of good general info. I also learned a hard lesson early on and have since bought all my fish from Kenny. The cost is 100% worth it. To be honest, I'd probably be willing to pay even more. Especially for fish with longer life spans - I don't...
  12. derek_SR

    180 CDA build

    100% A reasonably high effort one though with the hobby specifics.
  13. derek_SR

    Randy’s Innovative Marine 75 Ext

    These gonis look even better in person! Thanks for showing me your tanks the other day.
  14. derek_SR

    Help identifying Algae (diatoms/cyano/dino) ?

    This poor person. In less than 24hrs we've suggested that they: Do more water changes Stop doing water changes Feed more Feed less Add copepods (maybe) Reduce filtration Increase filtration Add inverts Wait to add inverts Adjust flow Address RODI Adjust lighting down Blackout lighting...
  15. derek_SR

    Help identifying Algae (diatoms/cyano/dino) ?

    Probably Dino or a mix of the uglies. Your tank is so young it’s gonna go through funky stuff stages. I would not overreact or stress about this and let it ride for a while. Especially if you started with dry/dead rock. If anything keep feeding and hopefully you’ll see some nutrients show up.
  16. derek_SR

    Derek's 225g - Magnifica / SPS Reef

    Yeah - to a new home. It wouldnt stop moving for me, and my tank was getting too dense with coral to keep moving things around to avoid it. It went to a good home and stayed with the paired Clarkii, they look happy together in their new tank! Hey man, here's a better pic. Thanks again for this...
  17. derek_SR

    Derek's 225g - Magnifica / SPS Reef

    Tank is really doing well - I keep having to bump up my ESV dosing to keep Alk maintained. Seeing some cyano on the sand, maybe because I spilled about 6 weeks worth of pellets into the tank the other day. I never saw a spike in nutrients so I forgot all about it - but suspect it may have...
  18. derek_SR

    Very high alk consumption.. something wrong?

    Sorry if this is off topic - I am considering switching to A and K elements to save on a dose head. You just add the A to the alk component and the K to the Ca component is that correct?
  19. derek_SR

    Alex’s IM 150 EXT

    Does your cyano exist on rocks too, or just sand? I used to get cyano in low-flow spots on the rocks - seemed almost entirely related to flow in fact. Recently my rocks are totally clear, but it's showing up in patches on the sand kind of patterned around the base of rocks - very weird. It's...
  20. derek_SR

    Needing some advice on an algae bloom

    Same here. I have both tuxedo urchins and black rock urchins and have witnessed them chewing on my acrylic and have never seen any marks or damage. Can't speak to other urchin types.