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  1. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Battery backup

    No idea honestly, I’d guess it’s the same just more “camping” “lifestyle” “marketing” friendly
  2. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Battery backup

    That’s awesome I would definitely be interested in seeing the sheet so send it my way forsure, I’d assume the biggest is usually the best deal but for most reefers that’s a stretch so I was excited to see something this beneficial to such a low upfront cost.
  3. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Battery backup

    I have a gas generator but I’m trying to get my setup a bit more neighborhood friendly.
  4. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Battery backup

    Wait really? I ordered one like 3 hours ago Upon further inspection yes it is OOS, so wild!!! The internet spreads the word fast I guess.
  5. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Battery backup

    So I’m honestly so stoked on this product and maybe most of you know about it by now due to telegrahm but I bought 1 new and just bought another used cause for 129$ why the hell not. For reference this thing is pass through and will run my 34watt return pump for 4 hours automatically after a...
  6. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Club DBTC SCOP(Sexy Corals Orange Passion) tenius

    Never seen a homewrecker colony so my only reference is my disneys and it’s definitely way more appealing, I think Kenny’s at high tide is colored up amazing if you wana see it in person. The polyps are straight orange!
  7. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Club DBTC SCOP(Sexy Corals Orange Passion) tenius

    Not that I can think of currently and once I know how many are healed I’ll update the system for it to track the coral
  8. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Club DBTC SCOP(Sexy Corals Orange Passion) tenius

    So thanks to a generous member there’s a ton of coral floating around the club which is anwesome and when we broke down that tank there was this coral in the mix. Obviously this is a more desirable coral so I started fragging it up in hopes we can get a piece to every member given enough time...
  9. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Handheld ph meter recommendation for kalk reservoir

    I recently joined the kalk train for those exact reasons and after 2 months of it all of that is true but what I find even more appealing is the acros responded to the kalk super well, I’ve kept my ph in the same range before so it’s not the bump in PH although that always helps growth but my...
  10. The_Lazy_Reefer

    FREE '24 BC Adam Bomb SPS Growout Contest

    I’ll order something to make taking a measurement easier but I have this piece since Dans tank break down and I just want to share how it’s colored up in the time I’ve had it.
  11. The_Lazy_Reefer

    3/3 Frag swap at Cali Kid Coral

    At I forgot that part is for members only swaps so thanks for the heads up!
  12. The_Lazy_Reefer

    3/3 Frag Swap Volunteer Group

    I’ll be there at 11 and can lend a hand wherever it’s needed.
  13. The_Lazy_Reefer

    How to frag torch/frogspawn

    Bring it to the frag workshop today at High Tide!
  14. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Coral Rescue for Dan-Sf: come get frags!

    Kenny hosts a cocktails and coral event regularly and we have one coming up! And yes there’s beer
  15. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Coral Rescue for Dan-Sf: come get frags!

    I got 1 photo of the day.
  16. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Cocktails and Coral Talk featuring Matt Wandell and Richard Ross at High Tide Aquatics Feb. 4th at 5pm

    Thanks as always Kenny! It’s so dope to have a thriving place for us fish nerds.
  17. The_Lazy_Reefer

    Free SPS and lots of it, nice stuff, but you need to come frag it in SF

    I can volunteer to help on Saturday morning if we want to get a little frag crew together. Can also hold a bunch of frags for people to disperse if Kenny doesn’t have much room for us. For reference I’m in Oakland.
  18. The_Lazy_Reefer

    "Holiday" potluck, Richard Ross talk and mini frag swap (01/07)

    Thanks for organizing this! I’ll be there and if you need help for setup I’ll be free before and after.
  19. The_Lazy_Reefer

    100gl display tank swap

    Nice man!