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  1. MichaelB

    Featured Salty_Taste650: Innovative Marine 50Gal Lagoon

    Ugh i'm following along, i've heard they are extremely hard to keep alive long term and get them eating when you first get them, seeing a few members here with them gives them instant extra credit in my eyes. You on the other hand actually trying to pair two of them is some jedi master type...
  2. MichaelB

    Plumbing external overflow box Bean Animal?

    Looks like it would cover the screw so no possible rust falling in tank
  3. MichaelB

    24x24x12 frag tank (free for one week)

    Intrested as #3 if they dont get it.
  4. MichaelB

    Plumbing external overflow box Bean Animal?

    Let's test to see if I've gained a tiny bit of plumbing insight after all the journals I've been following. My guess/ question would be are the gate valves possibly for future reactors or equipment? (I had to hold the picture with two hands to make it zoom a little) You can't really see what...
  5. MichaelB

    Where to get chaeto in the south bay area?

    I personally would rather take my chances aquiring some from a member before getting something from violet aquarium. I haven't been in 2 months but they had major problems with bubble alage and other undesireable things last time I past through. Though I honestly can't speak on the more recent...
  6. MichaelB

    So I worked on this today.

    Super cool I've seen that tank a few years ago.
  7. MichaelB

    CaRx media (Aragonite)

    If I remember correctly it was like 6.49 a lb or close to that.
  8. MichaelB

    MD’s 50 Gallon Low Boy

    I have 2 - 4ft foot peices of blue, 3/4 inch if you need it.
  9. MichaelB

    CaRx media (Aragonite)

    I'll definitely be in to grab around 15lbs or so for my new tank at some point this week.
  10. MichaelB

    Featured 7/20 Kessil Facility Tour!

    Sucks I have to miss this. Hopefully they do it again.
  11. MichaelB

    Featured 7/19 Behind the Scenes Steinhart Aquarium Tour!

    I wish I could go but will be out the county
  12. MichaelB

    Flow Questions for experienced acropora keepers

    I will check it out, always seeking more knowledge.
  13. MichaelB

    Flow Questions for experienced acropora keepers

    It's a follow up comment that was a response to earlier feedback he gave me. so your kinda only catching part of the picture.
  14. MichaelB

    iCon’s IM 112 EXT Midnight Edition

    I like your rock placement, it shows great depth preception.
  15. MichaelB

    Flow Questions for experienced acropora keepers

    No this is for my 32cube
  16. MichaelB

    Flow Questions for experienced acropora keepers

    I finally decided to attempt the gyre flow pattern you mentioned though I only have 1 mp10. I'm clueless as how to make it function properly. I uploaded a screen shot of the screen from mobius. Maybe it's fine or maybe it's way off. * I did nothing to it at all beyond pick the basic standard...
  17. MichaelB

    DeFarts' IM 50gal Lagoon Journey

    That adam bomb is like wow, some of the best coloration i've seen so far, I notice yours has mostly shed the geeen.
  18. MichaelB

    Biocube 32

    Latest test results, I went with the spin test at Neptunes, since I was going there to get water anyways. 06/07/2024 Neptunes spin test Alk - 158 (8.9) Ph - 7.8 Mag - 1451 Ca - 402 Po4 - 0.5 Nitrate - 19 Ammonia - 0.1 Nitrite - 0.1 From this it seems things are slowly improving as my...
  19. MichaelB

    DBTC RRC Goldenrod Anacropora

    Just reach out.
  20. MichaelB

    DBTC RRC Goldenrod Anacropora

    I have one that I haven't been able to mount in my tank, due to maroons keep knocking it loose before the glue can fully cure. Your welcome to it if your intrested. Just toss me a future frag of it.