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  1. Newjack

    Trident in need of frequent calibration

    Yes and No. I think Neptune suggests you recalibrate every time you change reagents, ( this is why they include a bottle of calibration fluid with every box of reagents). But, I have gotten away from not having to do this. I usually only calibrate the unit if I am suspicious of the readings I...
  2. Newjack

    CBB eating tips?

    try clams on the half shell.
  3. Newjack

    Are cfm tickets still half price??

    i thought you were getting out of the hobby.
  4. Newjack

    IM SR60 - back after a long hiatus

    Reminds me of diaper changing my baby son. lol you know what i’m talking about Hui lol
  5. Newjack

    Free classic Reef Octopus 150-int body - no pump

    i could use that, where are you located?
  6. Newjack

    And so it begins again - Nemesis Tank

    did you pick up that carpet from cali kid? they’ve been posting pics of one like it recently.
  7. Newjack

    New Member Here Hello Everyone!

    oh man… Aquarium Concepts. Brings back many memories. They were a great fish store for many years in my area. Can you count on one hand how many times they had to move. If i recall, i think they moved 4 or 5 times over their existence.
  8. Newjack

    IM SR60 - back after a long hiatus

    Looking good Ben! I’m glad you found BAR. I never thought I’d see you here. This is a great group of fish nerds. ( they are very knowledgeable and helpful) Enjoy the process. Can’t wait to see it fill out over the years. Oh yeah, Welcome back to the hobby.
  9. Newjack

    BRS Mag. Sulfate 1 gallon dry mix

    Does anybody want or need this? It is ONLY the Magnesium Sulfate portion of a 2 part mixture. In order to get a Magnesium solution to dose, you need to mix this Magnesium Sulfate + Magnesium Chloride + water to get your solution. You will NEED the second half of the mixture (or you might have...
  10. Newjack

    FYI trident service backlog

    I only wonder how much “in house/ home grown” talent chose to leave the company once the relocation was presented to them. Speaking for myself, it would be a very hard sell for me to pick up my whole life & family to move them across the country to follow my job. Paid relocation or not.
  11. Newjack

    FYI trident service backlog

    oh i forgot to mention, please don’t flame the messenger, ( me) i’m just relaying what I’ve heard on the street. I could be totally wrong! I have zero facts on my statements. Who thinks the move has anything to do with the acquisition of Neptune system by Aperture pet?
  12. Newjack

    FYI trident service backlog

    I’ve heard Neptune systems is in the process of moving from Gilroy to Pennsylvania. And basically everything that was being done “in house” is on hold. If you try and buy anything Apex from their store, they are sold out of almost everything.
  13. Newjack

    Rubbermaid black bins - where to buy?

    i agree with pick them up at Costco. They usually go on sale often.
  14. Newjack

    Bounce mushrooms after 6 years

    very nice. In another thread we were just discussing how mushrooms can get really big under very low flow and low light conditions.
  15. Newjack

    Want to grow super big mushrooms ?

    I’ve also experienced this with shrooms. Super low flow and low light makes them expand out like crazy. I think they are trying to capture as much light as possible (because it’s so dim) so they open up huge, & with no flow it’s easy for them to do.
  16. Newjack

    Free coral

    what happened ? are you having doubts that the NEW tank will not be ready in time before your corals start suffering?
  17. Newjack

    BOD can you update the band saw borrow page?

    wholly cow! Mike Enderturtle what a blast from the past. Good to hear from you & that you’re still around
  18. Newjack

    2nd Nero 3 died within 3 years- how long yours last?

    this is a first for me. I’ve been running a nero5 since they were first introduced to the market. running 24/7 minimal cleanings ( maybe cleaned 3 times). and have never had a problem other than the app losing its “time” settings. I switched it off the AI app, and put it on Mobius and the...
  19. Newjack

    Need temporary home for coral

    imo you should try and pick up or borrow one of those rubber made stock bins. It will make the whole tank transfer easier. Just drain the tank right into the stock bin, move over all your livestock, temporarily “rig” up some light and flow on the bin. That should buy you enough time to switch...
  20. Newjack

    Suction cups

    If I’m not mistaken, (it’s been awhile since i was active in bar) but, BAR used to own a set for members to use.