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  1. Baykes

    Does anyone keep snakes?

    Echo East bay vivarium recommendation. You can also check out a reptile show like this one in Jan. Many vendors will let you handle the animals as well
  2. Baykes

    KMS 120 gal

    Mermaids :D Love this project, so cool to introduce this hobby to these kids!
  3. Baykes

    Baykes' 105 Gallon "First Big Reef"

    Been a very long time since an update. The tank has had it's ups and downs during this time with the tank being in autopilot for awhile. Fish have done great throughout, but have lost many corals in that time. However my Sunkist bounces have thrived, and my BTA is still there since the start. A...
  4. Baykes

    What did you get from CFM?

    This was my first CFM in a while, lots of cool stuff. Here is what I picked up: Koji Wada Bleeding Apple Bowerbanki Merlin’s Staff Acro
  5. Baykes

    Do sea hares clean the sand bed?

    +1 on the sea cucumber, my black sea cucumber does a great job with cleaning the sand
  6. Baykes

    My Girlfriend Will Scan your Fish $50

    I need to find this thread lol
  7. Baykes

    Coral ID - Duncan?

    Yep my bad definitely not a bubble tip anemone
  8. Baykes

    Coral ID - Duncan?

    Looks more like a bubble tip anemone, almost a DPV. I would argue much cooler than a Duncan
  9. Baykes

    Help I’d this

    Looks like a stomatella snail. Those are considered good
  10. Baykes

    COR20 vs Vectra M2?

    I have been running a used COR20 on my 105 for close to a year now. So far no complaints!
  11. Baykes

    Instant ocean 26 dollars

    Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Baykes

    power outage - APEX

    Thanks I will make sure that is set now
  13. Baykes

    Orange/gold LPS, anyone have photos of theirs under more daylight colors?

    I love the melanarus wrasse photobomb on the 20,000K :D
  14. Baykes

    PIF: JBJ 24G Nanocube Stand Only, Refractometer, Eshopps Float Valve

    Clearing out some of my stuff. Free to supporting members:
  15. Baykes

    DBTC: Bob's Ultron Favia

    Unfortunately I lost this one. It was doing good went up to about 8-10 heads from the two. But the urchin decided to relocate it next to an Acan echinata and it was toast :(
  16. Baykes

    Who want white see through barrel?

    I would like 2 please!
  17. Baykes

    DBTC: Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

    Seeing this chain thrive makes me so happy, great job you all! :)
  18. Baykes

    Phosphates and Coral notes for frag Tank

    How about other parameters: Alk, Salinity, calc, temp?