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    ICP Analysis shutting down

    Thanks for the heads up. I have several of these sitting around!
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    6/1 Members-Only Frag Swap at Mission Blue Center

    Here they are. Super nice:
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    6/1 Members-Only Frag Swap at Mission Blue Center

    Yeah, I really needed a good coral clipper and I won the raffle that included a set of two! I put them to use right after the coral swap :)
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    6/1 Members-Only Frag Swap at Mission Blue Center

    This was my first event. Great turnout and fantastic organization. Looking forward to the next event!
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    Complete Bonus/Ultra Coral List - 2024 (Current)

    Apologies for the late notice---I may not get an answer before the swap: Does Vivid's Kaleidoscope Goni count for the bonus list? Here is a picture from the vendor. It looks much better in person. Looks nicer than my Amazeballs Goni albeit that specimen is still acclimating to my tank...
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    BRS parting ways with GHL, Hydros, etc

    Being a sponsor does not absolve a vendor from poor behavior.
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    Bonus/ultra corals for the 6/1 frag swap: what will you be bringing?

    Vivid Kaleidoscope Goniopora Tequila Sunrise Mushroom Not sure about third coral
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    Fighting conch

    How many fighting conch do you guys recommend for a 120 gallon display?
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    easier way to test water parameters?

    Hmm, I may pick up that curvette stand. I figure the easier you make testing the more likely you will do it every week! I also use one of those lab adjustable pipettor's---super useful!
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    easier way to test water parameters?

    I use Hanna for Alk, Nitratr, Phos. I don't test Ca very often (have Salifert test). I test Mag maybe every 3-4 weeks (Salifert) since I use Randy Holmes Farley method of dosing mag and not testing for it often. I also use a Smart Stir. You can get an insert for that unit from Etsy so that...
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    25 psi… what are my options?

    Yes, I have the 50-100 GPD RO Buddie and also have two 75GPD membranes. The setup seems to be running well for me. I used to run only one membrane but switched to dual membrane since I wanted to generate less wastewater. I have gone through periods where I am very into gardening, microgreens...
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    25 psi… what are my options?

    I run a double membrane setup on my RO Buddie. Works like a charm. You run the waste line from the first RO membrane into the input of the second RO membrane and the waste line from the second RO membrane into the waste input for the RO Buddie. The clean water output from the two membranes are...
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    Salinity survey

    Running at higher PPT / SG means more of the major and trace elements.
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    Kenny on Rappin with Reefbum

    Looking forward to the episode!
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    25 psi… what are my options?

    Not much modification to the sink plumbing is required. See the photo attached. The fitting is $11.98 on Amazon:
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    25 psi… what are my options?

    I have the RODI Buddy. Super convenient since it allows me to pump RODI from under my sink to my water barrels 30+ ft away and does a few minutes of auto flush to clear out the membranes when I turn it on once a week. The auto flush prolongs the life of the DI stages. Easy to do it manually...
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    Jebao 3.4 doser price just dropped to $60

    Yeah, the Jebao comes with a spare head so it is a pretty decent deal. My Jebao doser has been running for 5 months now. No issues other than that one head breaking early on.
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    Jebao 3.4 doser price just dropped to $60

    I also have one of these. One of the dosers heads stopped working after only a few weeks of operation. Thankfully I am only using 2 of the dosers so I just switched to one of the open heads. I am hoping to get 1-2 years out of this cheap doser. I will likely upgrade eventually.
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    PG&E and Planned Power Outages

    I did a lot of research on a generator over the course of the 10+ months. After a lot of back and forth I went with a Predator 5000 for the following key reasons: 1) Inverter generator. This is a must if you want to run sensitive electronic equipment 2) Dual fuel. I intend to run the...
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    FREE 24' LPS Growout Contest - Dragon Soul Favia

    Picture outside of water after KCl dip. Will take in tank pictures going forward.