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  1. kenaneu

    Kenaneu's Lost Reef In The Woods

    I've met a couple of 831 reefers through fb groups, so that's been great! Hope to meet more! We definitely have some challenges with the hobby up here, especially in the more rural areas where power can be out for weeks sometimes. Generators, UPS's etc. FTW. :) The plating on the left...
  2. kenaneu

    Kenaneu's Lost Reef In The Woods

    Always willing to share whatever folks are curious about. Unfortunately I didn’t really take pics while doing the reseal. I wasn’t sure it would even work, honestly, and when it was go time to actually spread silicone I had to work super fast, sitting inside the tank to get it all applied...
  3. kenaneu

    Kenaneu's Lost Reef In The Woods

    Oh, above the orangeback fairy? The knobby looking thing? Just some loc line from the returns. :( It’s pretty unsightly, and I am not sure I’m really benefitting much from the modest amount of flow redirection I’m achieving with it. I’m contemplating some changes with that since the gyre...
  4. kenaneu

    Kenaneu's Lost Reef In The Woods

    Thanks! I definitely have benefited from the kindness of local reefers, a few tank breakdown windfalls, and some nice sized coral colony re-homing opportunities that have sped along the filling in of the tank. On the flip side, the rock I sentimentally decided to re-use from my prior reef...
  5. kenaneu

    Kenaneu's Lost Reef In The Woods

    Alright folks, I'm trying to get the hang of all this BAR stuff, and tired of feeling discouraged from DBTC and other activities where folks are wanting tank journals, etc. I'm not great at posting stuff about myself or my hobbies, or keeping things like social media updated. I'd rather be...
  6. kenaneu

    Remove mushroom UPDATE: KEEP THEM ALIVE

    I like the ideas of putting the rock in the dark and/or high flow to loosen the mushrooms enough to get them off the rock. I am going to try an experiment to do both (dark w/flow) simultaneously in a bucket but not assuming it will work for all without harm to the shrooms. As others stated, the...
  7. kenaneu

    Looking for Rainbow & Pink Stylophora

    Looking for chunks of rainbow and/or pink stylo. Open to other fun color variants as well like teal etc. I’ve currently got a large green colony, medium purple and small brown colony growing out. Happy to pay for some chunks or small colonies bigger than the tiny 3/4” frags online with...
  8. kenaneu

    PG&E and Planned Power Outages

    Definitely get dual fuel. Gasoline only, when used infrequently, can be a nightmare even with Stabil. You want something that just works when you need it, and that will be LP (propane). Tri-fuel is pointless unless you're gonna hard pipe some gas line from your house... most people won't do...