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  1. Turkeysammich

    What fish can go in a 300 mixed reef?

    I’m a big fan of large angels. They aren’t reef safe but whatever just as long as they don’t do big damage. I’m good. Corals will survive. Potters, Goldflake, Regal, Blueface, Achilles, Blonde Naso. Sohal, Those are my favorites.
  2. Turkeysammich

    New member in Alameda

    Sweet. Welcome Andrew. We would love to see a build thread
  3. Turkeysammich

    PIF: Neptune AFS Auto Feeder

    I would like it if no one else would like it.
  4. Turkeysammich

    75G Budget Build

    It wouldn’t be budget if we didn’t build a baffled sump. Cutting a weir in.
  5. Turkeysammich

    75G Budget Build

    Remove the two side beams and side it in. Then put it back. Drain the 75 down some if you’re worried. It will work if you measured correctly.
  6. Turkeysammich

    Alex’s IM 150 EXT

    Daymn. That’s a jagged little pill. Very unfortunate. So sorry that happened.
  7. Turkeysammich

    Which fish should I add to the Tank?

    Any of the dwarf angels and the anthias
  8. Turkeysammich

    New(ish) Member!

    Welcome Eric.
  9. Turkeysammich

    Hands Down Best Coral Dip

    So far I have dipped hammers, torches, sps, mushrooms. All came out fine.
  10. Turkeysammich

    Hands Down Best Coral Dip

    You know I’ve heard about this dip but I just kinda dismissed it. Like how good can it be. All dips are extremely similar right ? NOPE. this dip is the Bomb. So much stuff comes off of the coral. And it’s extremely cheap, buy it once and you’ll be set for your life. It’s not toxic, it’s clear...
  11. Turkeysammich

    Refugium Advice

    Pods will grow anywhere. Fuges are nasty places. I know you like to keep your aquarium clean.
  12. Turkeysammich

    Refugium Advice

    I wouldn’t put the heater in the return section. The pump can suck that chamber dry and the heaters can explode. I normally put them in the the skimmer or fuge cuz there’s a constant water level. Also media in the fuge will grow algae. So if that going to bother you. Move it to the skimmer side...
  13. Turkeysammich

    Plumbing Internal Overflow Resource?

    Normally the bigger holes are down to the sump. The smaller holes are up to the aquarium. Unless you have holes on the back wall of your aquarium for the up returns. But yeah. Like Erin said. Pictures are better.
  14. Turkeysammich

    help: possible disease spreading in fish tank

    Red blotchy spots always make me think Uronema. I’m not saying it is. So please do your research. Just food for thought
  15. Turkeysammich

    Emergency- alk rising and ph dropping to dangerous level - complete tank crash

    Hit me up if you don’t have enough help. I’m not close but if you really need. Let me know
  16. Turkeysammich

    New member

  17. Turkeysammich

    Emergency- alk rising and ph dropping to dangerous level - complete tank crash

    Use an old algae scraper. Metal blade.
  18. Turkeysammich

    SupraSaltyReefer - ELOS 120XL and then some

    I use a small air pump on the inlet to push the ozone thru. Thus positive pressure
  19. Turkeysammich

    Refugium Advice

    If you want to grow pods. The calcium media works well. It can also grow algae’s on it too tho. It’s also a detritus trap kinda.