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  1. merickson45

    24x24x12 frag tank (free for one week)

    I'm interested
  2. merickson45

    The Ark

    Sure, traveling right now, I can post in a few days when I get back
  3. merickson45

    The Ark

    Unfortunately, the RSR 170 formed a bubble in the front seam and I had to break down this system :( so no more updates here, but planning a reboot soon.
  4. merickson45

    Digital Lux Meter

    I'll take it, if still available
  5. merickson45

    Danh’s IM25 Lagoon

    New start always exciting! How many of these tanks do you have?? :p (just sold me one)
  6. merickson45

    September 10th Frag Swap volunteer signup

    Either works for me, I can project when needed.
  7. merickson45

    September 10th Frag Swap volunteer signup

    Then I volunteer, put me anywhere :)
  8. merickson45

    September 10th Frag Swap volunteer signup

    Will we be able to also participate in the swap if we volunteer? Never been to one before...
  9. merickson45

    For those with older Red Sea tanks and valves

    Are you running an AC or DC return pump. I went through the same issues on my old style Reefer 170 with noise and water flow stability, I replaced the valve with a gate valve and it didn't help. Then about a month ago, as a last attempt before giving up and living with it, I bought a cheap jebao...
  10. merickson45

    [Pick up in Santa Clara 95054] Free Nuvo tank & stand

    I'm interested, pm'ed
  11. merickson45

    The Ark

    Quick update, steady growth :)
  12. merickson45


    I'll take them if still available!
  13. merickson45

    Few items for PIF

    I'm interested in the 20g tank + HOB filter
  14. merickson45

    The Ark

    Been a while, new baby and a big move took priority. But the tank survived both my neglect and the move, although there were a couple corals lost. There were some pretty significant changes along the way, including a rescape for better flow and grow out space. I also had to re-home a bully...
  15. merickson45

    red sea 350 v1 sump

    I'm sure there are more deserving members than I, but this would be an awesome upgrade!
  16. merickson45

    Marco rocks/ shelf rocks - Gone

    I'm interested
  17. merickson45

    Red Sea Max Nano Tank - Gone

    I'm interested, PMed
  18. merickson45

    Green star polyp