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    PIF: Neptune AFS Auto Feeder

    I am interested. My Neptune AFS accidentally drop in the tank and now not working
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    Fighting conch

    I have 2 of them in my tanks and I love them. If no one pick it up, I can be next in line
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    Free Chaeto

    All gone
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    Free Chaeto

    All pending. Will post more if I got more
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    Free Chaeto

    Hey. I have half of 5 gallons bucket with chaeto. Right now is inside a 5 gallon bucket with saltwater from the tank. Lmk if anyone interested. I don’t mind if someone donate frag for it or some of the chaeto. My time free is either after 2am or between 11am to 1pm if anyone interested. I am...
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    Various items for Supporting Members (added item no. 8) - closed

    I bought my niimbot from Amazon, very useful to label everything.
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    Lowboy frag tank

    I believe he sold it to Arvin
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    MP 10

    Probably short circuit somewhere on the motor of the mp10. Pop it open and probably see why is not working
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    One fussy Neptune apex fmm and ATK set with 4 sensors (2 in ATK and 2 extra)

    @L/B Block is not just you. I have 2 apex atk ato with fmm and everything work okay except the pump. I’m done with the apex atk. I use the extra stuffs for like tunze 5017 with the apex float valve
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    2 frags of Rainbow Hornet zoa's up for grabs

    I’ll take one if possible
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    free tanks 125g, 50g, 30g, lowboy Rocklin

    I’ll assume you are located at rocklin ca?
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    PIF: Live Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton

    Matt, thank again and hopefully I learn some secret from you for growing phyto and can’t wait for the copepod and learn from you. We will continue keep in touch on how to be more successful in growing phyto.
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    Lot of stuff I no longer use

    I can come pick up tonight if you are free. I pm you my phone number so we can arrange when I can come pick up tonight if they are still available
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    150 gal cube from 7 stills

    Pretty sure is 36x36x27
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    Temporary lodging

    I agree. Helping is not a problem but have a time frame will be ideal.
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    Free boat!!! Runs, registered and yea.. its free

    @Srt4eric maybe if you can keep the boat, we should have like couple people chip in for gas to go fishing. I go fishing on the shoreline for couple years but never got into the boat to the ocean to fish. Maybe something BAR consider for as an event?
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    PIF orange zoa’s and orange ricordea

    Got some of those zoas from you last time, they are looking great.
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    Microscopes… PAUSE

    I’ll take one if still available
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    Fish in need of new home

    From his profile, look like from Santa Cruz