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    Free zoas

    All gone.
  2. Reef-Geek

    Free zoas

    3 zoas pieces, no pests. free to pick up in 95129.
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    Something on my coral, any ideas?

    Hi guys, what is the correct way to use hydrogen peroxide? I have tried to soak in 50% saltwater 50% hydrogen peroxide for 1-2 minutes and using hydrogen peroxide soaked paper towel to wrap the affected area for 1 minute, I still see bubble algae come back after a few week in the same area...
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    No more super glue gels at the dollar store?

    don't think those are the gel types
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    Help with ID

    looks like a flame clam?
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    No more super glue gels at the dollar store?

    went to dollar tree but didn't find any super glue gels, any other cheaper alternatives?
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    Best way to keep nitrate down on Nano tank

    I use seachem denitrate and redsea nopox
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    Apex + Trident counter top cabinet

    My bad, you mentioned those already as 90 degree adapters in the previous post, looks really nice:)
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    Apex + Trident counter top cabinet

    Love the attention to details, you even got the same extension cords?
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    Growout Contest - Bubble Gum Monster Chalice - Now Tracking Growth

    Dec update, I counted 17 mouths, it's growing under the tile, not sure what to do now.
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    BARcode v1.38.0

    This is awesome! Thanks!
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    Black Friday Reefkeeping Deals

    Aqua lab aquaria has neros cheaper than anywhere else and it's local
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    Reeferpat's tank journal

    where did you get the clam from?
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    425XL - Version 2

    I am in the same process of fallowing, I thought 45 days is enough for ICK, why do you plan to do 76 days?
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    Saturday November 13 - Member's only frag swap - Sunnyvale.

    I think those are yellow polyps, very hardy coral but can be weedy
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    It’s official!!!

    Congrats! Just try to get a used Apex EL and call it done, you can resell it without losing much money if you don't like it. you don't need Trident especially for a nano, it's nice to have only if you have lots of high-end corals imo.
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    Lets see them full tank shot

    My IM10 Cobalt C-Vue 40
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    Where can I find captive bred squamosa clam locally?

    I was there last week, they only had maxima clams, which required a higher par.
  19. Reef-Geek

    Where can I find captive bred squamosa clam locally?

    I had one years ago and wanted to try again. Does anyone know where can I find a reasonably priced squamosa? Probably cant try the maxima because I am running out of space in the rockwork
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    Thesassyindian's 13.5 gallon m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ ̶p̶i̶t̶ nano mixed reef

    The goni looks amazing, what's your secret? do you feed?