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  1. nanoguy

    red sea 350 v1 sump

    What are you upgrading to John?
  2. nanoguy

    New Neptune Apex models available

    No salinity probe included...so tack on another $200 to the price of the unit.
  3. nanoguy

    Advice to cut rock-hard coral underwater?

    If you’re going to go with the dremel route, pick up a dremel 1.5” ez lock diamond cutting wheel. I’ve cut through rocks with it and it’s relatively durable.
  4. nanoguy

    Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650

    Looking good iani!
  5. nanoguy

    Palmers blue Millie (Bondolo)

    I can make two frags for anyone on the list that’s i interested in picking it up in San Bruno. Shoot me a pm to arrange for pickup.
  6. nanoguy

    DBTC: ORA Red Planet

    Didn’t realize I had requests for this. I can fulfill all the requests but won’t be available until next weekend. They will be fresh cuts. PM me if you are still interested in a frag. Pick up in San Bruno
  7. nanoguy

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    The setup is coming together nicely. Can you fill the tank part way with the water and sand to get the cycle going while you work on the rest?
  8. nanoguy

    Lets see them full tank shot

    CDA 150 with modified IM 25 Lagoon tied into DT.
  9. nanoguy

    Scuba Video from Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa (Tahiti)

    Very cool vid Michael. I really enjoyed watching the scenes with the dolphins. Are all dolphins that friendly? Very interesting to how they interact humans.
  10. nanoguy

    Best way to prevent vortechs from falling off

    Has this been an ongoing issue or did it just start recently? Just tossing this out there, but did you replace the wet end with a new one recently? The new wet ends don't work well with some of the older gen vortechs. If that's the case, contact Ecotech and open up a ticket. Ecotech will replace...
  11. nanoguy

    Toadstool leather coral developing holes

    It's just splitting. It will eventually break off into another piece.
  12. nanoguy

    Help moving 6ft tank? (San Mateo)

    I can give you a hand if it's on Monday as long as it's before 2pm...can't do sat.
  13. nanoguy

    Hard water/calcium/limescale build up…

    Spray some citric acid on it and let it soak for a 30-40 minutes...just make sure to keep it wet. After the soak, try using a magic eraser (one with no soap) to get it off. If it's not etched into the glass too bad it should come off. If it is etched, then cerium oxide polish imo will be your...
  14. nanoguy

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Didn't realize your entire room was that color. I'd paint the wall behind the tank for sure. It's inevitable that you will get water on it. Maybe the different sheen might not look that bad since it's that same color...idk. Worse case scenario, you can paint the rest of the room down the line...
  15. nanoguy

    Bug id: hard bug hanging out near encrusting monti

    Looks like a small chiton to me. They have a hard shell and difficult to remove from any surface…your turkey baster will do nothing to it. As far as I know, they are reef safe.
  16. nanoguy

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Don't want to rain on your parade but you might want to repaint that wall. Flat paint will not stand the test of time especially sitting behind a large tank like the one you will be setting up. I use Kelly Moore's Dura Poxy in an eggshell sheen. My breakfast nook/storage is also painted with...
  17. nanoguy

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Is the blue paint on the wall a flat sheen?
  18. nanoguy

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    Ooh...I like this even more. Going to order a couple to get it ready for when I pull my sump for cleaning.
  19. nanoguy

    Arin's Reefer-S 850 Build

    You'll be surprised how much real estate the cords and wires will take up. I don't think 4 holes is too much. I highly suggest you plan out how you will group the wiring to be fed through the holes. Keep in mind of the items that need to be unplugged and removed for cleaning or replacing...
  20. nanoguy

    Radion owners...missing screws xr15 pro?

    Found some in the tool box that seems to work well with the bracket. For reference, it's a M5x8mm