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  1. bondolo

    PSA: PG&E announces potential for blackouts due to high winds for Bay Area and Central Valley

    I was planning to do the next stage of my tank tear down in two weeks but will perhaps be doing it sooner.... If power is out on Thursday I will do an emergency teardown. My prioirity would be the fish and livestock, but I would try to save the coral as well. Should it be necessary, buckets of...
  2. bondolo

    Trying to restabilize display tank

    Trying to restabilize display tank
  3. bondolo

    bondolo's combined tanks

    My display tank has a temporary reprieve due to delays in moving to Hawaii but it has not been doing well since I took down the frag flat. The chemistry has been messed up and there have been explosions of hair algae. In the recent heat wave I lost a fish, the foxface, which I was extremely...
  4. bondolo

    Interesting topic on R2R about vinegar baths

    Yikes. I have been using vinegar baths for years. I have had a couple of cases of impellers expanding and seizing powerheads. I had switched for other reasons to citric acid about a year ago (mostly because I had tons of it from bath products making supplies).
  5. bondolo

    Shutting down 155G. Free livestock.

    Sorry to hear that your always excellent tanks have suffered from PG&E mismanagement.
  6. bondolo

    What would be your dream tank?

    I've had my dream tank. 92G corner and 60x30x18 flat. I wish I had had a few more years with the final setup and the experience to really grow serious coral and enjoy the fish after finally getting everything dialed in. Oh well, I really enjoyed it while I had it!
  7. bondolo

    bondolo's combined tanks

    The frag flat take down is complete! Thank you to @NelsonCh, @euod, @Oliver and @Zero Gravitas for coming by to help clear it out last weekend. I got the lights rearranged, plumbing cleaned up and empty tank moved on Friday. I am planning to saw up and/or give away my encrusted rocks and...
  8. bondolo

    Frag tank teardown underway

    Frag tank teardown underway
  9. bondolo

    Free basic corals

    I have posted on my tank thread some larger colonies of basic corals that I am giving away to empty my frag tank. Free to whoever comes and gets them.
  10. bondolo

    bondolo's combined tanks

    I found that I had a bunch of stuff that did not fit in to the display tank. I would like to get these out of the tank ASAP so I can finish draining the frag tank. Free to first to come get them. I will probably try to give you other coral as well. ;-) I have an old 1'x1' Green Marine frag rack...
  11. bondolo

    bondolo's combined tanks

    Thank greatly to @NelsonCh and his friend for coming by to help with teardown. I was able to clear up some space and got almost everything transfered to the display tank. I will be draining the frag tank tomorrow and replumbing a bit to make the media reactor and calcium reactor inline with the...
  12. bondolo

    bondolo's combined tanks

    A final panorama before lights out on the frag flat. Of course I would not normally have the sump lights on during the day.
  13. bondolo

    Free Red Squirrel Fish

    Hah, I would have loved this fish a year ago. One of my favourite fish to encounter while diving.
  14. bondolo

    bondolo's combined tanks

    Hah, I consider moving the TV upstairs in 2011 one of my greatest mistakes, it has been watched about 2 hours since being relocated/banished from the family room. I have wanted it gone for years… Few people are interested in volunteering to move it once they see it.
  15. bondolo

    bondolo's combined tanks

    Probably late July. Fairly flexible.
  16. bondolo

    bondolo's combined tanks

    I am probably going to go slow (my only speed) and won't need much assistance. Thank you for the offers! I would like to find a set of suction cups for moving the very heavy 92G tank downstairs. Anybody got a set I could borrow for a week or so? I plan to hire movers to get it and the 250lb 36"...
  17. bondolo

    bondolo's combined tanks

    I am now expecting to start taking down the tank on July 4th weekend. I have returned the loaner clam @NelsonCh so graciously let me care for since March. It was quite an experience and I am grateful for having the opportunity to try a clam before I left reefing. I have given away a couple of...
  18. bondolo

    planning teardown

    planning teardown
  19. bondolo

    Would anyone be willing to share their number as an “emergency contact”?

    I think that it is good to have a couple of other reefers and a professional service person as back up if you are going to leave town for more than a few days. I'm on a couple people's list next to their tank but have only ever had to be called twice. (repriming MJ1200 pump that was ensuring HOB...
  20. bondolo

    Two part raising my salinity

    Yep, Sodium Carbonate or bicarbonate plus Calcium Chloride results in Sodium Chloride. Dosing is an expensive way to make salt! I once (documented in my tank thread) dumped calcium chloride solution into my Alk dosing container. Instant salt! The best options seem to be wet skimming or removing...