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  1. OnTheReef

    House Cleaning Service

    Well, I’ve hired Personal Castles cleaning service. They’re doing a great job and no harsh chemicals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bubble algae problem

    Every crab or shrimp I’ve ever had, with the exception of the skunk cleaner, has been an opportunistic omnivore in my tank. I’ve seen Emeralds hang upside down on a pillar with claws extended, spending endless hours trying to catch my fish. They do eat bubble algae, but I’ve only rarely had them...
  3. OnTheReef

    Auto Feeder for Frozen Food

    Very interesting, if they can make it work!
  4. OnTheReef

    Does anyone here still use bioballs for their reef aquarium?

    With media in general, I have problems with too much detritus clogging it. I've almost concluded that I can't run media without filter socks.
  5. OnTheReef

    What are you guys buying during black Friday

    I'm looking for: Vertex Omega skimmer Advanced Acrylics ATO I'd like a few light fixtures, been leaning toward this...
  6. OnTheReef

    Nudibranchs for a good home

    I'd host these guys for awhile, I have two tanks that need "weeding".
  7. OnTheReef

    House Cleaning Service

    Do any of you use a maid service to have your house cleaned? I'd really like to do this, but I'm concerned about chemical use on or near my tanks. Does anyone have a service you can recommend, that you've been able to train to not use harsh chemicals?
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    Generators ( which one to buy )

    Yeah, I was looking at a 200W panel + inverter + battery
  9. OnTheReef

    Generators ( which one to buy )

    Has anyone checked out solar charged UPSes? I live in an apartment and I'm pretty sure they won't let me run a generator.
  10. OnTheReef

    Sat, Nov 2 - Bob Fenner Presentation (and more) in Sacramento

    I got to hang out with Bob Fenner at the last Atlanta MACNA. Awesome dude. Anyone want to carpool up? I also have a pad in Citrus Heights, if it’s late and people want to crash instead of driving back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The story of my free anemone

    Wow, if it ever splits, I want one of the daughters! Those are some good genes!
  12. OnTheReef

    Shout out to Neptune Aquatics

    It's my local store -- about 5 minutes away from my front door and I am there often -- and all the staff know me by sight. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly, it's great to have them so close.
  13. OnTheReef

    Past member here

    I'll be heading through there soon on my way to Sacramento, I could pick the things up on my way there or back.
  14. OnTheReef

    Anyone good with Acrylic or Glass work?

    @coral4me is very good with acrylic fabrication. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. OnTheReef

    Solar panel experts talk to me.

    I’ve gotten several estimates from the power buying and leasing companies. It’s all a mug’s game I’m afraid. From programmed increases in power rates to the over-and-under tier penalties, it’s all very carefully rigged to benefit the house. I’m waiting until I can buy a ~1MW system outright for...
  16. OnTheReef

    Clownfish with Mouth Fungus

    Well, I think I figured this out. The female clownfish attacked a giant bristleworm and got a forehead and mouth full of bristles. When I removed the rocks to catch the pair, the worm fell out of their nest rock. When I netted the female, the bristles came off. She still has a couple large...
  17. OnTheReef

    Clownfish with Mouth Fungus

    Hello Fellow Reefers, This morning I was feeding everybody and noticed that my female Goldbar Maroon seems to have a case of mouth fungus. The pair recently began spawning and is on their second clutch of eggs. @Kensington Reefer suggested this may be stress from trying to clean the rocks they...
  18. OnTheReef

    Looking for Dino battle tips

    I’ll chime in too, the last few times I’ve gotten rid of dinos by outcompeting them with other growth. Suck up all you can and then squirt the cleaned area with Dr Tim’s. If you can, dedicate one of your rear compartments to a chaeto ball and introduce pods there until you have a booming...
  19. OnTheReef

    Closing down the tanks

    @Kensington Reefer, I have two clownfish pairs that I am looking to rehome, if you are interested. Cheers, OnTheReef
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    Oh Crap ...

    You guys really don’t like my cat. She’s actually really cute. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk