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    Reeflink USB cable

    Hi, Anyone have extra reeflink usb cable for sale or I can borrow for just the time to connect the reeflink onto my system. I've tried the after market male to male usb cable however, the red-orange-white color just kept spinning. I've reached out to ecotech and suggestion was to use the cable...
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    AQ’s IM Nuvo 50 lagoon and IM20 gallon experience

    Hello fellow reefers This tank is an upgrade from a RSM 34 gallon that I wasn’t able to start a journal (apologize for that). I also thought it’s never too late to start a journal. Basically I went with a bare bottom set up as I did have a crushed coral as a substrate from my 34g set up. I...
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    Free: 2 red monti frags

    2 red monti frags about 1 x 2 inches in size. Free to supporting members. Excuse the camera.
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    Securiy Camera

    Any advice or recommendations on what type of security camera to use when going on vacation? Thanks
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    Hello Everyone!!

    My name is AQ, I live in Newark (about 2 mins away from California reef) I am pretty new to the hobby. I have a 34 gallon RSM that I purchased from local reefer. I’ve been trying to become bar member for some time now but ran into some issues not receiving confirmation email. I would like to...