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    How to Open Stubborn Bucket of Salinity Salt

    I bought a new, large bucket of Salinity salt several months ago, and stored the half-full bucket of another salt above it. Now, it's time to use the Salinity salt. But I can't get the lid open! I follow the instructions, push in the red tab, and try twisting the lid. No luck. Have any of...
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    Cleaning the Back Wall of a Solana Tank

    In our 25 gallon Solana rimless glass tank, the back wall is made of black textured plastic. This looks cool when it is new, but it's really hard to get algae (coralline and green hair) off of the back wall. For anyone who has ever had a Solana tank, what's the best way to clean the back wall...
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    Securing Tanks for Earthquakes

    Given the earthquake centered here in the east bay last week (on earthquake preparedness day), I'm wondering whether my tanks will survive a big quake. Just discovered this video simulating a 7.2 quake on a 60 gallon tank (at the UCSD engineering lab)...
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    Small RBTA available through DBTC. About 3 inches, and is currently attached to the glass wall (I plan to move the powerhead and clean it!). Pickup in downtown Oakland.
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    Million Gallon Monterey Bay Aquarium Tank to Re-open Cleaning the fish tank is never fun. Ask any tropical fish hobbyist with a pair of angelfish, some gravel and a few plastic plants. But what if the tank is 35 feet deep and has a window the size of a drive-in movie screen? In what may...
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    Killer Whales in Monterey Bay--Breakwater

    For all the divers in the club, check out this video from Wednesday. Orcas cruising at the breakwater in Monterey! And here's a clip from a Monterey whale watching boat on Friday (not winning any cinematography awards)...
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    Anemones--Bubble Ends a Sign of Health?

    For bubble tip anemones, what influences the degree of bubbling of the tentacles? I read (on wet web media) an old post speculating about light conditions and flow influencing the bubble ends, but haven't found much of a study of this issue. If the anemone has elongated tentacles, and...
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    Teal Candy Cane/Trumpet Coral (Caulastrea)

    This coral is very hardy, surviving the trip from San Diego. It thrives under a variety of different conditions: T5, MH, large tank, nano tanks. Forms new heads often when target fed mysis. Great coral for those with newer tanks. Photo shows it dominating my 29 gallon tank. Pick up near...
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    Whale Sharks-- Washington Post Article

    With an amazing photo
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    Scuba Diving--Bonaire

    Contemplating a trip to Bonaire. Any recommendations for scuba diving spots?
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    Vermetid Snails

    Two vermetid snails have taken up residence on the upper part of my maxima clam's shell. What is the best way to terminate these snails without harming the clam? I found an interesting article about these invertebrates by Dr. Shimek:
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    Dishwashers Without Phosphates

    I heard this story about low-phosphate dish detergent on the radio last month. Was wondering if the sewage treatment plants have a way to remove phosphates prior to releasing the water. We all know what a small concentration can do for algae blooms in our tank...
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    Best Heater?

    In your experience, which heaters are the best? My stealth 250w heater seems to have lost its internal thermostat.
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    How to Deal With Evaporation in Room With Aquarium

    How do those of you with relatively large tanks deal with evaporation and avoid any mildew appearing in the room during the winter? Ceiling fans? Always leave windows partially open? Only have the canopy fans running while the MH lights are running? Gresham mentioned an exhaust fan through...
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    Rich's Flamboyant Cuttlefish

    Featured in this month's message to members from Cal Academy's executive director (with cool video): A Flamboyant Courtship Results in Flamboyant Babies Speaking of welcoming recent months, the Academy's flamboyant cuttlefish...
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    Christmas Favia

    Screebo also helped me frag my Christmas favia colony into a few pieces. Here's what it looked like before the bandsaw: Available in SSF / downtown Oakland / BAR meeting.
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    Blue/Purple Duncans

    Screebo helped me create a few frags of some blue/purple duncans. The heads are smaller than the green ones that are in the DBTC program, but I think they are nice. Available for pickup in South S.F., downtown Oakland, or perhaps at this Saturday's pest meeting. This is my first DBTC chain...
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    Plumbing Problem--Drain Pipe Spurting Water

    I have had my 29 gallon office tank set up for about 18 months with a bulkhead in the back and a basic drain/sump system. Yesterday, I noticed salt creep/ splash marks in the area behind the drain, where there is a "T" with a drilled cap. The water used to just drain through the pipe evenly...
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    Article -- Indonesian Coral Mass Die-Off "Subsequent monitoring of the Indonesian corals completed in early August revealed one of the most rapid and severe coral mortality events ever recorded. The scientists found that 80...
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    Best Way to Remove Mushrooms?

    I have purple mushrooms that are growing, multiplying, and spreading out on rocks throughout the tank. They have started to damage corals such as favia & candy canes. I would like to remove the mushrooms, but not destroy all my my live rock in the process. I searched Reef Central, and a...