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    Pissed off at PG&E

    Just need to vent. They shut off power last night at 10 pm and won’t restore it until tomorrow at noon. I’m doing my best to keep things warm and oxygenated but it’s going to be difficult. I have a whole house generator on the way but it’ll be weeks before they install it. PG&E needs to be...
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    Manual soda ash dosing

    For my 55g I need to increase the alkalinity about 3 dKh. I don’t have a dosing system for that tank an yesterday, when I poured 10ml of soda ash solution, there were a lot of white particles. Is there a way to do some kind of siphon drip that will do about 60 ml slowly over 3-4 days?
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    Return pump state

    If my return pump is slowly getting dirty over time and pushing less water - is that a condition that the Apex will detect via power monitoring? Will the pump start to use more power as it gets dirty?
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    Coral ID

    This is from AC’s newsletter. What the heck is it?
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    Green birds nest

    Is anyone interested in free frags? Just trying to decide whether to cut it or move it. Teal polyps with an orange skeleton.
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    Two frag racks

    The dry side for the larger one (Mag Rack Pro) got chewed up by my dog but still works. Both are dirty and I’m out of citric acid to clean them up. Free.
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    Hey YOU

    Yes, YOU. Add your location to your profile. Right now. Click the thing and get it done. Do it, I’ll wait...
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    Dragon Wrasse in Diver's Den

    What a beauty!
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    Flame hawk fish

    My research tells me that these guys hold their own against larger fish but does anyone have any experience?
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    Trimming SPS

    This is something I’ve never done but I have a birds nest that’s about to touch a purple stylo. Removing the rocks is not an option. How do you do it? Do you just go in there with the rusty bone cutters and hope for the best?
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    Coral QT help

    I got a big piece of pipe organ coral from Live Aquaria because we started out with one a year ago but ended up killing it with an overly aggressive dip and I wanted to try again. But...after looking at it, I’m afraid to put it in my mostly pest-free tank and I don’t have a tank setup to...
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    Tomini Tang nipping at corals

    Just watched my Tomini eat a toadstool polyp and then nip at a blasto. I don’t think he’s underfed. What’s happening?
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    Borrowing the Club’s - CO2 Meter

    We now have a desktop CO2 meter that members can borrow to measure ambient CO2 levels. You must be a supporting member for at least two months and it is your responsibility to coordinate transfer to the next member. For features and specs see...
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    GHA & urchins

    Are different types of urchins better at dealing with GHA? I have a Tuxedo urchin in my tank but it doesn’t seem to eat the GHA.
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    RO canister sponge

    Are these replaceable? Where can I find them?
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    AquaLab looking for help

    They have two positions open: Aquarium Tech: For someone who has experience with freshwater and reef aquariums and has always wanted to make aquarium care a career. Customer Service/Fulfilment: Our online store is booming and we need help shipping our aquariums and aquarium supplies to our...
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    Does someone have a hi-res or original photoshop file of the BAR logo?
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    Acro PE before lights on

    New to acros but I’m noticing their polyps are extended more in the morning before the lights come on. Especially the top ones - at the end of their “tubes”. Is that a thing?
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    My Octopus Teacher

    If you haven’t seen it yet, this is an amazing film in many, many ways. Highly recommend! Disclaimer: I’m a Netflix employee
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    Apex after power loss

    When the power comes back on after a power loss, the water level in the sump is high and my skimmer overflows immediately. I’m wondering if the Apex has a notion of this and I can program it to defer turning on the skimmer. As a work around, I can turn it off when the ATK high level sensor is...