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    Salted Agaves

    Huh; TIL. Thanks!
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    Salted Agaves

    All yours.
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    Salted Agaves

    Sure; one or two polyps?
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    Borrowing the Club’s - 3 MQ-510 PAR Meters

    I did, then I got reflectors. Want to play around with the height after adding reflectors to make sure I don't fry my coral. :)
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    Salted Agaves

    Ahhh, okay. I've only heard of 'salted agave zoas', not palys, and wasn't aware if there was a clear distinction between the two. They're big enough to be palys, but I believe they're zoas.
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    Vamps in Drag

    Sure; two or three polyps? They'll need to heal from fragging, but PM me and we can arrange pickup.
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    Salted Agaves

    I'm not sure what the distinction is; how would I be able to tell?
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    DBTC: 2 types of zoas

    So, my nem decided to play tag with these, and they didn't make it. :-/ I ended up buying a rock with a bunch on them, though, so I'm starting up a DBTC with that strain for those who want some:
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    Vamps in Drag

    Rules: 1. Supporting members only 2. Have a tank journal 3. No selling; please just share these around the club. Have: 2 polyp frag 3 polyp frag - Rubyo Sample picture from mother colony (other ones are two salted agave, available in another of my DBTCs). Pictures taken under T8 actinic...
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    Salted Agaves

    Rules: 1. Supporting members only 2. Have a tank journal 3. No selling; please just share these around the club. Have: 1 polyp frag Srt4eric 2 polyp frag GabeB Pictures from mother colony; bottom two open zoas are the salted agaves, others are Vamps in Drag (available in another DBTC of...
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    Borrowing the Club’s - 3 MQ-510 PAR Meters

    Adding myself to the list Have the 3 par meters: @Coral reefer SF- 11/19/2020 @Dorfman - Santa Clara - 11/29/20 @CaseyP - Dublin - 12/1/2020 Waiting list: (after 12/16/20) @Jaysuper - Fremont (after 12/2/20) @Rcruz392 - Millbrae (works in Mountain View) @dochou - Hillsborough @reef89 -...
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    Good times on a tuesday night...

    I like your other worksite views better.
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    Half moon bay fishing pics

    Oh wow; what is that?
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    Its getting cold

    If it's still available, I'd love to grab the titanium heater! Much obliged for doing this.
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    (Mostly) Complete System Giveaway: 47G bowfront

    Really nice of you to offer this up!
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    Eric's 40 gallon adventure.

    That's not a typo. They're telling you this is the Pro Fashional version - gonna be fabulous as (expletive deleted).
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    Half moon bay fishing pics

    So is shore fishing a possibility in the bay? I'd love to get more into fishing (particularly for food) but just don't know where to go.
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    [Redwood Shores ] Newbie !

    Welcome to the club! Glad to have you.
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    Lets see those Turkey's!!

    Wet brined in apple cider, them rubbed with herb butter.
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    Talk about some prices!

    As with Coral Reefer, not criticizing, but - something interesting was at Little Hot Pot in Fremont. $40 AYCE (pre-COVID), and one of the dishes you could select was spearer mantis shrimp. I remember going there right after seeing a peacock mantis shrimp at Neptune for $40 and thinking of food...