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  1. Dongta408

    Been awhile...

    how BAR doing?? Been busy after reopen business, today is first time to have time for WC after 8week... tank is dirty. Here few pics before WC.
  2. Dongta408

    Hanna phosphate test kit questions.

    Hi guys i confused about hanna testing, here what i had last 3 package testing, each package testing i tested 4 times. (Each time have different values results) Package 1: a) 0.16 b) 0.15 c) 0.06 c) 0.04 Package 2: a) 0.23 b) 0.21 c) 0.05 c) 0.03 Package 3: a) 0.18 b) 0.17 c) 0.02 c)...
  3. Dongta408

    Bleaching or growing?

    after changing to Radion pro g4 (from g3) around 3 weeks , my WD like this... before is more green but evenly both sides, have a lot PE also. Now is less Pe, colors more pale but still have encrusted...Parameters all same range, all acro n another coral is going great. Should be worried? Tia
  4. Dongta408

    Apex el

    Hi guys. Just got an used apex el 2019 $300 (can't pass). Never have Neptune system before... please share tips n tricks. My system so simple... most of them by Ecotech ( lights, return pumps and power heads) now control by Mobius. Two parts dosing and Arco power control by Bubble magus dosing...
  5. Dongta408

    pic's before Wc...

    Seen got shut down my business again... we been WC one/week
  6. Dongta408

    Pikachu Acro?

    bought at Pikachu... it is? Can you guys ID, bright yellow green with red polyps 1pic 10/01/19 2pic currently
  7. Dongta408

    Radion g4

    hi guys. I try to update my radion light g4 to mobius, first one went through, second one after update light didn't turn on.. at button keep flashing blue and yellow colors. I try power off but nothing happen, button keep flashing, try press and hold the button to reset but didn't do...
  8. Dongta408

    Acro ID..

    any chance you guys ID those Acro? I got it from local reefer in Redwood city, even him don't know it.. 1 pic when i got it, second it 10 months..
  9. Dongta408

    First ICP test.

    Hi guys. Could you shine some light.. what should i dose to bring up those trace elements colors? I been dosing Red Sea abcd around 2% calcium consumption... should i dose more or should i used different products? TIA
  10. Dongta408

    Questions about radion light.

    I don't have reeflink, i usually control my lights by Ecosmart live, but now i can't do it anymore, seen i updates new firmware for my MacBook, the software no longer compatible. I need to raise my lights intensity, seen i have par meters in hand... does everyone know how to raise radion...
  11. Dongta408

    My newest member.

    Been under my house lately... seems to be happy in middle of my tank, hope it lasts . Any tips? TIA
  12. Dongta408

    Oils in water surface..

    Hi guys.. any trick n tips to get rid of oils on water surfaces??? I always wash my hand thoroughly before I put in the tank, but still have oil floating. Tia
  13. Dongta408

    OG Oregon tort..

    it normal to grow like this? My Oregon tort grow kinda weird... skin is not smooth. Any thoughts. Tia.
  14. Dongta408

    ID Nudibranch..

    i think this is nudibranch... but i don't know what kinds, i just got new shroom n bounce coral, so i dipped with Bayer n that things is come off.. what should I do to prevent? Worries about eggs, i don't have qt tank
  15. Dongta408

    Rehome the fish.

    Looking for rehome my katherine wrasse. I have 50g is not big enough for him, he getting big n aggressive towards to my convict tang. Hopefully finding good home for him. I brought him years ago at liveaquaria $149, i wiling to take offer... at long he have good home. He is a pigs.... he eats...
  16. Dongta408

    Fish trap...

    does anyone have fish trap for rent?? Wanna trap my katherine wrasse, he got big ( 4-5") n aggressive for my 50g...
  17. Dongta408

    P/N question...

    Hi guys. My tank almost 1year mark... i run vary simple with 2 part dosing( Randy formula), seagel bag, carbon bag and macro algae. My p/n always undetected but i have good growth, coral healthy n clean the glass for algae every 2day Lately (last 3week) i been try to raise p/n by feeding...
  18. Dongta408

    Icecap part

    does anyone know or have this case brushing from icecap pump? I did call up around... they all out of stock. Coralvue said wait for few weeks
  19. Dongta408

    Hello all...

    Nice to meet you all... with almost one year in reefing... here my tank