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  1. Galoot

    Free tank and stand

    Visio 100g tank and stand. Tank 48x24x20. Stand 48x24x36. 40 breeder sump. Great over shape. Corner over flow 1.5" & 1" bulkhead, euro braced. Diamond cut edges, black silicon. Come take it all and it's yours... Of course if you want to leave a frag or two or something else of interest to...
  2. Galoot

    Salifert vs Aquaspin...crazy Alk differences

    So I was at AC the other day and had them run my water with the Aquaspin. Figured it would be intresting to see how close it was to my own testing. Well, Ca and Mg were close enough, but Alk was way different. My Salifert testing shows 8.3-8.6 over the last few weeks. Aquaspin said 12.156...
  3. Galoot

    Apex pro out there?

    So with the upgrade, I decided to purchase an Apex. Now I need help programming it all! Any pros out there want to advise me? I willing to compensate you for your time[emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  4. Galoot

    Free green mushrooms.

    Have approx 20 floating around. Free to whoever wants them. Look like these. Zebra Moray not included [emoji6] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  5. Galoot

    Galoot's 220...

    Hey y'all. Finally got the tank I picked up from Bob last year, the old AC display, out of the garage and in the house. First I had to break down my old system... A 100g Visio tank that had been there for 10 years. Then moved everything into a stock tank out on the patio Sent from my Pixel...