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  1. popper

    Rostato’s Spicy lemon favia

    That has really nice color. If anybody is in the Southbay, I'd be interested. Thanks
  2. popper

    Twisted Purple Frogspawn

    Frag of the gold one? LOL
  3. popper

    Its getting cold

    Still have three 300w. Message me for pickup.
  4. popper

    Disappointed: Kessil Lighting Question

    Let's see a picture of your setup how high is the light from water surface?
  5. popper

    Borrowing the Clubs Gryphon Bandsaw

    If someone vouch for a newb, would that be sufficient reliable collateral?
  6. popper

    Good times on a tuesday night...

    there's insurance that covers that. I pay...maybe $75 annually.
  7. popper

    Its getting cold

    It's yours...You know how to get a hold of me. I'll have it with me driving around from peninsula to sj tomorrow.
  8. popper

    Its getting cold

    I have some 300 watt and 200 watt eheim heaters. Also a titanium heater with its own controller. Free to keep your tanks from freezing. Pick up in San Jose. I need to go Gilroy in the next 10 days if that's convenient for you. I'll be in Peninsula tomorrow.
  9. popper

    Red mangroves, chaeto, and corals!

    Can I get some mangroves? Do you need any heater?
  10. popper

    Black friday or cyber Monday?

    thank you @max_nano . Just added 3 gonis. They'll go in dbtc if they survive and grow.
  11. popper

    Lets see those Turkey's!!

    How did it turn out? I did the exact same method for work a few years back and it was absolutely the best said 20 something people. Afterward I tried again 2-3 more times and those weren’t as good.
  12. popper

    Recommendations for nano HOB skimmer

    Bubble stopper and air restricter
  13. popper

    Recommendations for nano HOB skimmer

    I just got a brand new Aquamax hob 1.5 with the bubble stopper. Out of the box it needs an air restricter. After a week restricter was removed. It's a bit loud for my taste. The IM Nuvo nano skimmer is silent and good. Same with Tunze 9001 and 9004. However I was unable to dial in the Tunze.
  14. popper

    JUP-23 UV sterilizer

    still available
  15. popper

    Two types of zoas

    PM for transaction
  16. popper

    Neptune Aquatics got robbed

    Criminals bask in their glory and success of their loot.
  17. popper

    Icecap nano skimmer

    NP. Gone.
  18. popper

    Donate zoas to Steinhart Aquarium

    @JVU I got these
  19. popper

    Icecap nano skimmer

    That’s fine. As long as you use it and not resell.
  20. popper

    JUP-23 UV sterilizer

    Current bulb is probably 6 months old. Come with new bulb. Good for in sump. Good working condition, creates bubble