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    LF Tank Mesh Screen Cover

    I built a screen like this with a $20 sheet of polycarbonate (need to cut out the middle - I used a dremel which was slow going) and some 1/8 inch netting from brs. I cut strips of polycarbonate and sandwiched the netting between the poly strips and the poly frame with crazy glue. Works great.
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    AI Hydra 32 on BioCube 16

    Fair question. I purchased the light with the intent of transferring it to a larger tank in the near future.
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    AI Hydra 32 on BioCube 16

    Thanks! I’m thinking I will turn it down to about 50% for my 16 gal. BTW, you tank is beautiful!
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    AI Hydra 32 on BioCube 16

    Anyone able to tell me good settings to use for the AI Hydra 32 on a biocube 16 (13 inches deep) for mixed reef (Acros and Plating Montis close to top and torch, hammer, leather, mushroom and Zoas mid to low?). I keep reading AB+, but seems like at full intensity, I will be bleaching corals...