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  1. RandyC

    PIF: Tunze 9004 Skimmer

    Got this from another BAR member through PIF and no longer have a need for it. Works fine, however, magnets are missing with the unit.
  2. RandyC

    PIF: Skimz SN127 DC skimmer

    Free skimmer to anyone willing to fix. Pump does not work (it may turn on sometimes, but will eventually stop if it actually turns on). Skimmer body is in good shape.
  3. RandyC

    PIF: Light hanging bars

    Anyone need these? Measures 68.5x14". I have 4 brackets as well.
  4. RandyC

    Aiptasia is good for something....

    Their genome helped make super milli sticks!
  5. RandyC

    Lid for IM25/IM40 AIO

    I have a lid for an IM25/IM40 AIO for porch pickup.
  6. RandyC

    DBTC: Maxi Mini Carpet Anemone

    Standard rules apply. Please pass at least two frags to other members actively participating in DBTC before doing else with them. If your tank is not currently in a good state, please refrain from requesting at this time. Please also update if yours dies or you pass it along to someone...
  7. RandyC

    Free Zoas for Supporting Members

    One colony per member. To be used in your tank and not for resale. If interested, I’ll bag a random colony for you with your name and will leave it out for a porch pickup. You may get some other zoas mixed in as well, but they’re mostly WWC Pandoras. Porch pickup in Castro Valley.
  8. RandyC

    Limpet ID?

    Any experts out there on limpets? Any idea what kind?
  9. RandyC

    Oh Crap! I'm stuck!
  10. RandyC

    PSA: Hanna Checker for Nitrates coming

    About time......
  11. RandyC

    Certificate expired

    @rygh looks like our ssl certificate expired yesterday.
  12. RandyC

    Free Chaeto

    Porch pickup. 3.5 gallon bucket full of chaeto. Please bring your own container. Take what you need. Located in Castro Valley. PM for address.
  13. RandyC

    PSA: sale at PetCo $30 off of $100+

    $30 off of $100+ and free shipping at For you IO and RC salt users, it's not such a bad deal IO 62lb box: $52.59 RC 56lb box: $66.99
  14. RandyC

    PSA: PG&E warns of potential planned outage Wednesday (10/23)

    If that last one didn’t teach you to get ready for power outages, maybe this one will! Not as many customers affected (potential of 209,000 this time), but no less telling what is to come in the future for us PG&E customers. We might need a dedicated forum to announce these outages! ;)...
  15. RandyC

    PSA: PG&E announces potential for blackouts due to high winds for Bay Area and Central Valley

    In case you didn’t get notified PG&E Monitoring a Severe Wind Event Later this Week That Could Impact Nearly 30 Counties Across Northern and Central California Would be good to get minimal equipment ready in case it actually does happen.
  16. RandyC

    PSA: Sale on 32 Gallon Brute Trash Can @ Costco

    Need a mixing or RO/DI container? On sale at Costco. $22.99.
  17. RandyC

    DBTC: Miyagi Tort

    Please pass on a frag to at least two supporting members to continue the DBTC before doing anything else with frags. Anybody that has passed on a frag of this moves to the top of the priority list to get a replacement frag. Would like to see frags of this go to actively participating members...
  18. RandyC

    Article: "We Finally Know Why Florida's Coral Reefs Are Dying, and It's Not Just Climate Change"

    "We Finally Know Why Florida's Coral Reefs Are Dying, and It's Not Just Climate Change"
  19. RandyC

    Bayer/Bioadvanced Coral Dip Name Change

    PSA: Bayer changed its name, so I guess we have to say Bioadvanced Dip now. :p Label looks similar, just the name change. Ingredient list remains the same
  20. RandyC

    Free Oceans Motions 4-way

    Free to any supporting member. Got this with a used tank purchase and have no plans to use it. Powered up and and it appears to be working fine. Other than that, I have no details on it. Pick up in Castro Valley. Comes with what's pictured. 1" Spears schedule 40 unions are glued and not...