2019 Sep Corals Farmers Market - Discount Tickets to Members


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Hello All,

September 14th SVCFM

I finally received the tickets in the mail today. Again I will be selling the tickets to Supporting Club Members at a discounted cost of $3 per ticket. (non-members/guests can also buy at regular cost of $5 currently through me too)

They sell online for $5, but that rises to $10 August 17th. Then we stop selling online about 5 days before event and you will need to buy at the door.

We should be doing a table again at the event (TBD) so Tickets can be picked there as Will Call. (Just like last year). Or if you see me at a meeting or event.

FYI - After the club confirms if there is enough help for setup/take-down and manning a booth. Free Tickets were given out to Volunteers. So look out for future threads on this too. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Paypal to
Send me your real name and you BAR handle.
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Oops. I just realized these tickets are for member only and my wife is not a member. Can you send back her $3 to ? I’ll buy her a regular ticket through the site.

My apologies

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Hi Chris,

No You Good - You are a member that bought 2 tix. That is fine. ( I can also sell to non members at reg prices)

Ticket Numbers ACEB and ACEA