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75 Gallon Fish Tank Water Flow - Wave Maker Question


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I've keep thinking that my flow in my 75 gallon tank is to stagnant and not sure if the Zoas might not like since the flow is kinda continuous and not a lot of pulse in it and I am trying to find a solution for my tank.

Here is a video with the wavemaker, return pump and I kinda explain better what is happening in my tank.

I'm thinking to buy this wave maker Jebao OW Wave Maker OW-50:

I want to make sure my Zoas and other corals will be more happy since I will be adding a pulsating flow to my tank.
1) One of the reason why I want to get this is because Jebao is a decent company and it's been in the industry for a while and I am already using a Jebao return pump and I am supper happy about it since is not really doing much noise and is working great.
2) The other reason is because I think EcoTech MP 10, 40 or 60 are a bit to pricey for me at this time.

I am thinking to place it where my Hydor Wave Maker is on the top-right front area and move my current wavemaker on the top-right back area to blow behind rocks, and then keep the other wavemaker on the top left wall in the back the way it is.

Also the return overflow I want to keep it the same.

What do you guy's think I should do to get a better flow for the corals, help the corals grow and not disturb my corals to much?
Maybe do you guy's have another Wavemaker recommendation or positioning option?

Thank you for your input, and for taking the time to provide the feedback!


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I am new and still learning so I do not have a full understandIng of flow, but I have two OW-10 in my 34 gal display (RSR 170) and would recommend getting two of the jebao pumps, it was very easy to pair their controllers and I currently have them on a wave mode with them switching back and forth. If you’re going to get the Jabao I think the options are better with two since it gives more modes to try and find the best option for your tank. It has provided my corals with a more random motion instead of being hit front one side all day. I run the ow-10 at close to 100% so I would think you will need a larger ones for your size of a tank