A few questions about the Typhoon III RO/DI unit


I'm looking to purchase an RO/DI unit because I'm tired of going to the store and getting jugs of water. Also, I'm planning to upgrade to a bigger tank and it would just make sense to make my own water. Anyway, I'm looking at the Typhoon III and I think that's the unit I'm going to go with. However, I'm trying to decide where to hook it up. I'm in a 2-bedroom condo so space is somewhat limited. My first choice is to hook it up to the cold water line for the washer and dryer. So I have a few questions:

1) What are the dimensions of the Typhoon III?
2) What is the difference between the 75 and 100gpd? Is there any advantage of one over the other?
3) What type of connection would I use for my washer water line? Here is a picture of how the hoses are connected now:



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You might want to give them a call. I could measure mine but I got it over 2 years ago and the size may have changed. I had a 75 gpd and I upgraded to 100 gpd.
gpd = gallons per day. If you need water faster then go with 100gpd.
I'm sure they can hook you up with a hose bib adapter of some kind.
That is a good idea to put it in the laundry room. :)


I've got the Typhoon and my unit is the 75 GPD. The 100 GPD is of course faster, but I doubt you'd need it as 75 GPD is about 3 gallons/ hr. and IIRC the 75 GPD is the more common model for reefers (slower = less TDS maybe?). Mine is over 2 years old, but I included a pic so you can see if anything has changed.
Overall dims: width is 20", you might be able to tell by the tapemeasure.
Height from bottom of cannister to top of gauge is 18.5".
It sticks out from wall 5.5", more if you mount it onto wood like I did and screw wood into drywall & studs.

Overall I've been very happy with it, I always get 0-1 TDS. As far as connecting I connected via a hose y-connector to the cold water line using the hose/ John Guest adapater.

I did have a flood once, not the RO/ DI fault, but rather the hose connection. Since then I've taken a precaution and have added the floodstop which you can see is the white box above. The way it works is you place a sensing circuit board on the ground and if the board gets wet the floodstop alarms and closes off the water inlet. After ruining carpet by dumping a couple hundred gallons on it I added the floodstop and it's caught a few minor leaks, spills or times when I didn't turn off/ on the right valve.



On the AWI website:
Filmtec Membrane 100 GPD TW 30 -1812-100 thin film composite residential membrane. This membrane is high output with slightly lower rejection. I do not recomend using a DI. post filter with this membrane If you are planning on using a DI. please visit our 75 gpd membrane page
Please remember I DO NOT like to see this 100 GPD membrane used in RODI applications.)
I use this for splitting off the washer


Good to know! Did you have to do anything special to undo the existing hose and install the adapter? I'm not too handy but am capable. Just want to know if there are any tricks to avoiding disaster...haha!


If you can perform the following operations
1) (the equivelent of) removing and reattaching a garden hose to the water outlet
2) sticking a tube inside a hole
then you have the skills required to do the install :p


Ok...after some more thought, I think I'm going to install this baby underneath the bathroom sink in the spare bathroom. Sounds funny but the size of this thing will make it tough to fit underneath my kitchen sink and in the washer/dryer closet. This could be a dumb question but how much additional space would I need in addition to the unit? Sounds like this thing produces quite a bit of waste water so do you have a separate reservoir for the waste as well as the clean water? Can I just put the output tube into a bucket when I want new water?


I have the output to a brute (though I used to output to the 5g jugs). The waste is a longer tube going out to the lawn.


Just got everything set up about 2 weeks ago and it's working great. Attached the drain line to the drainpipe on the sink so the waste water issue had an easy solution. There was a small leak with the first stage but they sent me a new first stage and the problem seems to be fixed. Excellent customer service and exceptional product! Excited to be able to make my own water finally!
After reading this thread and some others i decided to purchase this unit just now.

At first I was excited about getting a 10% club discount. After swapping a few emails with Don at AWI I found out that I could note redeem that hook up if i wanted to take advantage of their 2nd quarter(seems like every quarter) deal of a free set of replacement filters($40 value).

I chose to take the filters($40) instead of the club discount($19). I'm sure i'll be happy the next time that i dont have to go and get water, but it just seemed a little weak. Its like we(bar members) can get a discount, but if we buy one of their filter units, we get no discount at all. That is of course unless you buy a commercial grade unit.