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Alex’s 26G Max Nano Peninsula


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As I have been setting up the new tank, I thought I wanted to record my current nano tank since I am not planning to maintain this after the new tank is up and running.

We bought this tank at the end of August 2022 as a birthday gift for my son's 11th birthday, with mediocre planning. However, we wanted something like this for years but could not buy it as we have lived in different places overseas and moved too often.

We did various upgrades to this tank over the past 13+ months and now have the following setup:

Tank: 26-gallon Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula

Return Pump: Jebao 1200 DCS

Skimmer: Stock Red Sea (bought the Tunze 9001, which seemed far inferior to the stock skimmer)

Mechanical filtration: Removed filter sock and replaced with Etsy 3d printed media bag and filter floss, and added a baffle to resolve the skimmer water issues.

ATO: AutoAqua + 5 gallon reservoir

Powerheads: 2 MP10 (seemed too much, but someone at AC recommended using 2)


Heater + Controller: Aqualogic (former Rancho) TR115DN Two Stage and 100W BRS Titanium Heater

Auto doser: EcoTech Versa - Kalkwasser

Various KASA Wifi Plugs

Rock and Substrate: Blended Caribsea and Live Rock from Saltybottomunderground and two packs of Live Sand from AquaBiomics.

Electronics cabinet: Handmade by @Meshmez who gave this away for free.

Lights: Reefi Uno Pro 2.0

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