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Ashburn's 187g endgame II


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I mean don't get me wrong, I totally understand the pH/alk relationship, but just look at July 10, there's a mini-spike (before CO2 scrubber I think) of about 7.8 pH and the alk is just over 8.01 in a deep valley, then June 14th when he probably added the scrubber pH peaks at 8.16 but alk barely drops at all to 8.26, then the next two days at the high pH point there is a massive dip in alkalinity that you'd probably expect from higher pH. But if you look at his earlier graphs post #325 3rd graph, in later days the dips once again aren't as big, but not as small as the first. So some theories that come to mind

1: I'm over analyzing this data (this one is a given) :)
2: The accuracy of the Trident is suspect
3: Corals maybe grow in spurts within spurts, when lights are on obviously, but maybe some days they simply stop growing as much as others
4: Maybe he pulled out some sps on those days so demand on alk decreased

Either way, it's interesting to say the least.
I noticed from the trident that changing nutrient levels also significantly affects ALK consumption (peaks and dips) due to growth


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Ha that's awesome. I wonder if that is actual fusion of the orange onto the green or if it just looks like that because the tips of the orange are green.

But yeah, placing monitpora close to each other always ends up in a non-violent warfare, just who can grow fastest


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So I took the plunge and ordered some carbon fiber coral tweezers.

This tweezer is shockingly strong and I was able to pick up a good chuck of rock.

I have 2 extra sets for $35 each
pm me if you want one.

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Do they make them in 28”? I’d pick one up if they did. I’m sticking my hands in the tank every other day bc of my pistol shrimp.


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I like those long polyp toadstools. Do they take a long time to grow? They always are priced high compared to other leathers


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all tweezers spoken for. pm me if anyone else wants a group order for 20+ orders i can find it shipped to here for a lower price. but it's going to take months for the product to arrive. the recent order I had was shipped via air.