got ethical husbandry?

Ashburn's 187g endgame II


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you can only add 100w-200 at most or it will stop the power, still better than nothing. i tried to run my dual 300w and it just wont let me.
my next battery upgrade would be this, which should do 500w heater easily, but i haven't had the need to heat my water in my garage in the last few blackouts ( insulated garage )

this beast
( it does 9.6kw, but saddly it wont fit my drive way, it's way too long. )


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Cleared my frag tanks and most fish moved over.

Only stuff remains are going to be up for sale or DBTC


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So I woke up this morning to this, the tank had a crack at the bottom where I drilled the hole for drain, and some corals that I left there for temporary got killed with no water I. The tank. :x two cracked tanks in a month, it’s a new record.


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When it rain, it pours.

My eb832 just gave me an voltage error, and it’s a common problem :/

Looks like I have to get the part just to fix it and sending it to Neptune isn’t an option in the budget.



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View attachment 32093Last shot before all those frags are sold
I enjoyed seeing your setup. Thank you for the frags! Perfect timing since our QT was about to be empty and students always like to see something new. An excited group have taken on the new job of looking after them and want to feed them and dose 2-part. They also made sketches of them to record their growth, which is funny considering all the tech around them.