Ashburn's 187g endgame tank


Oh no sorry to hear about your fish! Anemones will commit suicide at the first chance they get and take everyone else with them.

If I ever attempt another weird fish harem project and it fails miserably, I'll send some fish over your way ;)


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Time for some updates, my tank is now going through a mini cycle, some rocks/sand are covered with brow/film diatom algae, but my snails are pretty good at getting rid of them.

added carbon into my reactor just to polish up the water a bit.
did 30g water change yesterday, everything looks stable, and all in range.
moved some more corals from frag tanks.
got some new fishes as well.

powder brown tang, powder blue is the one doing photo-bombing

this has to be the new fav, tomini tang

the new blue tang, kinda wish I didn't sell my other bigger one... but then again, I never knew that I was getting upgrade this soon.


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Had a chance to see this tank in person yesterday. Looks great! The tank has recovered nicely from the kamikaze nem incident. Thanks for the frag, @ashburn2k!

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*SIGHS* things just never stops, one of my lowboy frag tank has a leak, so water was lowered so to stop the leak, but hopefully it can hold until i get home later for a full take down and move corals to the other lowboy.


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Corner seam from top. But I think it might be repairable.

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