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Back in the Hobby! From Stockton

Hello my name is Eric from Stockton. I had a 150g mixed reef for about 10 years or so but I've been out the hobby for about 4 years. I was part of NVR in Stockton but lost touch with almost everyone after I left. I bought a 57g rimless about 3 months ago and forgot how expensive the hobby is when starting from nothing lol. I'm getting ready to start buying corals for my tank so I'm hoping theres some people from the Stockton area on here that I can buy some frags from lol. I will be starting a build thread in the next couple of days. Haha I'M JUST EXCITED TO BE BACK IN THE HOBBY AND TO BE ABLE TO MEET SOME COOL PEOPLE IN THE CLUB!
Welcome back!!! Super excited to watch as you build and stock up!! Start up that tank journal.. that way folks that are doing the DBTC livestock can check it out as well!