BAR Events for 2015


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Hello BAR!

We've already been preparing for events for the 2015 calendar year and while we have some great ideas already, we'd like to ask for your ideas or desires to hear out what you're looking forward to potentially next year.

Share away! :)


I'd like to see a session & hands-on with various coral fragging & propagation techniques.

Coral reefer

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Great idea. This has been a feature if the breeding and propagation workshop the last two times we've had it. Unfortunately it was cancelled this year, but should be back in the menu for 2015.

Keep the ideas coming folks!
More LFS outings and tank tours. Mini frag swaps are a genius idea! Can we look into the idea of getting a peninsula lfs sponsor? Aqua exotic left a void :(

Also more social events. What about lunch/dinner get-togethers? I want to befriend you. Yes you.


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A bit of an off-the wall idea would be a water-flow workshop/talk.
I know display tank flow is always a problem for so many people.
The general idea:
Some semi-expert could talk about flow.
We could then experiment and look at different setups.

Sponsors / members could bring in various powerheads and pumps.
(Sponsors could even sell some I guess)
We could set up a couple of tanks, with a few rocks and sand.
Maybe get some small neutrally buoyant balls or fake coral like object to track flow.


Plumbing in general could be an alternative to add more content.
In particular, making overflows quiet.


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I was thinking along these ideas when there was that multi-member talk on various topics, unfortunately someone nabbed water flow so I didn't bother.


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Great ideas already... let's keep them flowing! We'll try our best to pack as many of them in into our 2015 calendar of events!