Featured Be your own Avatar!


A little over a month ago, @Vincerama2 suggested in a thread that members consider using a picture of their face as their “avatar”, the image associated with your username here. Many of us have followed his lead and done this, and it has really helped. It seems to make the site and the club more personal, encouraging us to treat each other like real people who share interests, rather than faceless internet users. It also makes it easier to remember who is who on the site, since people remember faces better than usernames often. It helps match faces to usernames at club events, which in turn makes it easier to connect and build friendships.

Similarly, many of us have our real first names in our Signature line, which also helps make the club a more personal, courteous, and fun place to be.

At our latest Board meeting, we discussed this and all agree these changes have been good for the club, and we’d like to encourage them!

We also fully recognize that not everyone is comfortable with showing their real face or their real name online, and that’s ok too if you feel that way. If you are on the fence (as I was), I suggest giving it a try and seeing if you like it.