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Best trip to LFS EVER!!

Susan Ingram

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I finally had to share this awesome experience I had at my LFS Diablo Corals this weekend. My partner and I went in to just take a look around and she turned to me and said.. “ we need my corals when you get the big tank going!” I was like .. umm ok... inside I am jumping up and down and saying all the thank yous to the coral gods. So here we go looking at corals!!! Loving it!!!

I think in large part that is because of the great experiences we have had EVERY TIME we have been there. The guys there are super cool and more than willing to share their knowledge. It’s clean, well lit and the livestock & tanks look amazing. We came home with 3 more chromis and a peppermint shrimp to add to the tank. We are up to 5 chromis, a blenny, the 2 shrimp and a small CUC all in the QT waiting for the big house to get finished. Oh and a Kenya; Gsp & pulsing Xenia that we picked up from Chris.. all still doing well.

And a huge thanks to all of you! Looking forward to picking up the clowns from the BAR resident specialist Cheedo to round out the group for now.

Just super stoked.. thanks everybody!!!
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Thanks for sharing! Diablo can be hit/miss, I‘m glad they are doing well and treating you right. It is my LFS too so I should swing by again.